Celal Mutlu

Celal Mutlu is a young Satoshi reflection at the age of 21. His favorite characters are CZ and Vitalik, and he has a great sense of humor. Celal is a keen follower of developments in the world of cryptocurrency and keeps up with the latest news and trends.

Bitcoin ETFs Attract Record $2.4 Billion Amid Crypto Investment Surge

Bitcoin ETFs see unparalleled interest with a $2.4 billion record inflow, signaling a bullish trend in the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

American Bank TD Cowen Reveals Expectations for Spot Ethereum ETFs!

American bank TD Cowen has unveiled its predictions regarding the approval of spot Ethereum ETF applications.

Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Bitcoin but Admits to Knowing Little About It

The author of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad,' Kiyosaki, emphasizes that he will continue to advocate for Bitcoin despite knowing little about it.

Outflows from Grayscale Bitcoin ETF are Starting to Decrease: What Happens Now?

Although the outflow of money in Grayscale's spot Bitcoin ETF has reached huge proportions, it is decreasing: What will happen next?

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: Which Holds Higher Growth Potential? Latest Data!

What do the latest reports say about Bitcoin and Ethereum? IntoTheBlock highlights the decrease in total transaction fees!

Bitcoin and Altcoin Investment Products Experience Outflows! Here Are the Latest Reports!

What do the latest reports indicate about Bitcoin and altcoin investment products? Weekly and daily market performance on CoinOtag!

Can an XRP ETF Be Launched in the U.S.? What Are the Expectations for XRP According to Experts?

Is the US Securities and Exchange Commission considering opening the door to XRP after spot Bitcoin ETF approvals?

Analyst Who Predicted $38,000 Drop in Bitcoin Price Reveals Next Prediction!

Bitcoin price experienced a drop below $40,000 and entered a recovery phase again: What will be the next target?

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