Blast Decentralizes Governance with New Foundation Ahead of Ethereum Layer 2 Token Airdrop

  • The governance transition in Blast’s Ethereum Layer 2 network heralds a significant shift towards community-driven control, just ahead of the anticipated token airdrop.
  • This move aims to decentralize the decision-making process and enhance community engagement within the ecosystem.
  • Blasts’s forward-thinking approach includes creating a governing foundation and allocating substantial tokens to developers and early users to bolster network participation.

Blast’s governance transition and imminent token airdrop are poised to reshape the dynamics of community involvement and decentralized control in its Ethereum Layer 2 network.

Blast’s Governance Foundation Announced

Blast, an Ethereum Layer 2 network, has announced the formation of a new foundation to manage its protocol. This decision, unveiled on the X account of Blast, represents a strategic move towards decentralized governance, aimed at empowering the community and enhancing decentralized decision-making processes.

Details of the Governance Transition

The governance of the Blast protocol will soon be handed over to this newly created foundation. Established by the founder of Blur, an NFT marketplace, this transition will also entail transferring control of Blast’s social network pages and its primary website. These were previously managed by Arcade Research, the development company behind Blast. This transition marks a significant step towards decentralizing the network’s operations and governance frameworks.

Upcoming Token Airdrop Details

The much-anticipated token airdrop scheduled for this week is drawing significant attention within the crypto community. Blast has revealed that the distribution will involve several categories of tokens, with specific allocations yet to be detailed. Analyses suggest up to five possible categories, with substantial portions earmarked for developers and engaged community members.

Developer and User Incentives

In a bid to drive engagement and ecosystem growth, 50% of the airdrop will be allocated to developers through Blast Gold, while the remaining 50% will be awarded to early platform users as Blast Points. These incentives are designed to foster deeper involvement and incentivize the development of decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Blast network.

Eligibility and Distribution Process

To qualify for the airdrop, users must hold Points or Gold in Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) and must sign into the Blast dashboard at least once using these accounts. Points and Gold held in smart contracts will not be considered eligible. Additionally, embedded wallet users (such as Privy) must link their accounts to ensure eligibility. The firm has also implemented stringent measures to review and blacklist any suspicious or insider distributions by Dapps to uphold fair practices.

Security and Fair Distribution

Blast has emphasized the importance of maintaining a secure and equitable ecosystem. Any suspicious activities or insider distributions by Dapps will be scrutinized, and offenders will be excluded from participating in future airdrops. This rigorous vetting process aims to ensure fairness and trust within the distribution system.

Adoption and Technological Enhancements

Blast has gained significant traction within the DeFi space, currently ranking sixth in DeFi network rankings with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $2.085 billion, according to DeFiLlama. This ranking is a testament to the network’s growing influence and potential within the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem. Further boosting its appeal, a recent upgrade enabled support for Binary Large Objects (blobs), enhancing the platform’s data storage and transaction processing capabilities.


The upcoming governance transition and token airdrop underscore Blast’s commitment to fostering a decentralized and community-centric network. By empowering developers and early users, and by ensuring a secure and fair ecosystem, Blast is positioning itself as a leading player in the Ethereum Layer 2 space. The foundation’s formation and the strategic token distribution are set to significantly enhance community involvement and drive the network’s growth and adoption in the DeFi sector.

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