Copy Trade Guide: What is Copy Trading and How Does It Work?

  • Cryptocurrency trading is a complex skill that generally requires comprehensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, along with fundamental and technical analysis skills.
  • Copy trading in the crypto world is an automatic strategy that allows you to mimic the trading methods of an experienced trader in real-time.
  • Essentially, crypto copy trading involves identifying skilled traders and replicating their moves as if you were executing them yourself.

As trading systems in the cryptocurrency space evolve, tools that simplify the process for investors are emerging, and one of these tools is Copy Trade! What is crypto copy trading? Let’s delve into all the details!

What is Copy Trade?


Crypto trading, in general, is a complex skill that requires comprehensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, along with fundamental and technical analysis skills. Many traders struggle to develop a winning trading strategy due to a lack of skills, making it challenging to become a successful investor.

So, do amateur traders have no hope? Are they left to speculate on prices and navigate the sharp ups and downs of the crypto industry on their own? Fortunately, there are tools that help such traders explore the potential of the crypto industry by following expert traders and simplify the overly complex crypto trading.

This article discusses what crypto copy trading is, how it works, its legality, limitations, and how copy trading can play a significant role in a trader’s evolution.

What is Copy Trading?

Crypto copy trading is an automatic strategy that allows you to mimic the trading methods of an experienced trader. It enables you to buy and sell crypto assets without having to conduct research or master the intricacies of investing before making a profit.

In essence, crypto copy trading is about identifying skilled traders and essentially replicating their moves. This eliminates the need for a trader to spend time selecting market trends or learning complex trading strategies. The software simply mimics what expert traders are doing.

For instance, if the trader being followed invests $100 in Coin A, the software will spend the same amount on the same cryptocurrency. The tool not only assists amateur traders in using the expertise of others but also helps them learn the skill of making smart investment decisions.

How Does Crypto Copy Trading Work?

The two essential elements for successful copy trading are choosing the right trader and using the right software. Here’s a brief and straightforward guide on how to start investing with copy trading:

1. Choosing the Right Trader

When deciding to engage in crypto copy trading, the first step is to identify the right trader. The efficiency of copy trading depends on the skill level of the trader being followed. Researching available traders carefully and analyzing specific parameters, such as profitability, total managed fund amount, risk level, and the number of followers, is crucial.

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The chosen set of parameters depends on individual preferences. Amateur crypto investors must carefully determine what is essential in deciding on a crypto trading strategy.

2. How Copy Trading Works

One might question how they can obtain information about various traders to understand their performance. Finding such information is prevalent in typical copy trading software, which grants access to the actions of subscribing traders. Individuals can examine the history of various leading traders and select someone compatible with their preferred parameters.

Leveraging trader’s expertise is not free; leaders who allow their trades to be copied charge a small fee. This fee typically revolves around 7-10% of the profits earned. Therefore, the system works advantageously for both expert traders and their followers.

3. Determining Risk

While trading platforms’ algorithms are designed to automatically copy the trades of leading investors, an individual has complete control over the process and can override the software at any time. Traders can choose to leave the entire process to the software or follow the portfolio selection themselves, based on their investment goals.

Is Copy Trading Legal?

Copy trading might seem like an innovative term, but it has been around for a while. Regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the financial markets regulator of the European Union, have recognized copy trading.

Understanding the legal status of copy trading in the country where you reside is just as important as ensuring the trader is regulated. Many regulations have been put in place for copy trading, making it a legally accepted trading method if you use a licensed service.

Risks of Copy Trading

The efficiency of the cryptocurrency trading process is largely dependent on the choice of the platform and the expertise of the leading trader. A wrong move can disrupt the entire exercise. It is crucial to make every decision thoughtfully.

There are so many crypto copy trading platforms that selecting the right one can be quite challenging for an inexperienced trader with limited knowledge of the field. Failing to make a well-thought-out decision can result in a trader losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Experienced copy traders carefully compare the features of various platforms and review them before making decisions.

Choosing a trader is challenging in an era dominated by social media. The influx of information from reliable and unreliable sources makes the task even more difficult. When selecting a trader, it is essential to conduct sufficient research rather than just examining an individual’s profile.

Regardless of how well-developed it may be, all software can make mistakes at any time and start producing unexpected results. A trader may need to monitor their cryptocurrency trading process and may have to abandon positions when they feel they are consistently incurring losses.

Trading is a full-time job that involves examining charts, staying updated on the latest developments, and testing various scenarios to determine when to buy and sell crypto. Copy trading allows a trader to see the actions of an experienced trader in real-time, helping them understand the intricacies. While they can learn and read trading charts, they cannot see the behind-the-scenes work that guides the leading trader in making those moves.

The Holistic and Long-Term View of Copy Trading

Before making an investment, it is essential to consider all aspects of crypto copy trading. Essentially, the crypto copy trading process is based on almost eliminating the time typically required to benefit from the expertise of a previously successful trader and develop similar trading skills.

If a trader can select an appropriate platform and the right trader to copy, this can turn into a profitable long-term trading approach. Learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrency can be confusing for novice traders. While copy trading, they can observe the actions of an experienced trader in real-time, which can help them understand the nuances. They can learn, interpret trading charts, and understand how to respond to changing market conditions.

Copy trading can be the first step for someone to become an expert cryptocurrency investor. Regularly monitoring the actions of leading traders, supported by behind-the-scenes learning, can help amateur traders improve their cryptocurrency investment skills and evolve into expert traders.

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