Fantasy Top Volume Skyrockets: Crypto Twitter NFT Game Expands with 40 New Heroes – Featuring Coin Name (Symbol)

  • Fantasy Top, a popular crypto-based social media game, recently announced a major update that includes a reworked scoring system, a significant prize pool, and a tournament for beginners.
  • The game, which operates on the Ethereum layer-2 network Blast, is adding over 40 new NFT Heroes, including prominent crypto influencers.
  • Following the announcement, the game saw a 51% increase in trading volume and a 14% rise in the number of buyers, according to DappRadar.

With a major update and a surge in player engagement, Fantasy Top is making waves in the crypto gaming world. Find out how this Ethereum-based game is changing the landscape of NFTs and crypto influencers.

Major Update Boosts Fantasy Top’s Popularity

Fantasy Top, a social media game built on the Ethereum layer-2 network Blast, recently announced a significant update. This includes a reworked scoring system, a substantial prize pool, and a tournament specifically designed for beginners. The game, which turns crypto influencers into NFT cards called Heroes, is adding over 40 new characters. These include Barneytheboi, a crypto enthusiast turned boxer, wab.eth, the founder of the Sappy Seals NFT collection, and LilMoonLambo, an angel investor.

Surge in Trading Volume and Player Engagement

Following the announcement, Fantasy Top saw a significant increase in trading volume and player engagement. According to DappRadar, the game’s trading volume jumped over 51%, and the number of buyers climbed by 14%. Travis Bickle, the pseudonymous creator of the game, claims that it has seen 67,000 active users in the past week and 140,000 over the month.

Addressing Bot Influence and Unfair Practices

Shortly after the launch of the game, influencers raised concerns about players artificially inflating their numbers, which was affecting their personal social media goals. To address this, Fantasy Top introduced a new scoring system to curb the influence of bots that were artificially boosting account engagement. In addition, the stats of the original Heroes were slightly tweaked, and frequent posts will no longer be put at a disadvantage.


The recent update and surge in player engagement demonstrate Fantasy Top’s growing influence in the crypto gaming world. As the game continues to evolve and address issues, it is expected to attract more players and further boost its popularity. With its unique blend of social media, NFTs, and crypto influencers, Fantasy Top is indeed a game-changer in the crypto space.

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