GSFC Shares Plunge Nearly 10% Following 89% Profit Decline in Q1 – Analysis on GSFC’s Financial Health


  • Shares of Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals (GSFC) experienced a significant drop following disappointing fourth-quarter results.
  • The company reported a drastic 89 percent decline in year-on-year net profits, influenced by poor sales performance.
  • “This fiscal year posed substantial challenges, exacerbated by external pressures in key business segments,” noted a company spokesperson.

GSFC’s financial results for Q4FY24 reveal significant downturns, impacting stock performance.

Financial Performance Overview

The company’s consolidated net profit plummeted to ₹24.43 crore in Q4FY24, a sharp decline from ₹224.91 crore in the same quarter the previous year. This significant drop was primarily due to a 16.34 percent decrease in total income, which fell to ₹2,017.46 crore from ₹2,411.56 crore year-on-year.

Stock Market Reaction

Following the release of the quarterly results, GSFC’s stock price fell by 9.7 percent to a low of ₹218.05 during the trading session. This decline places the stock more than 32 percent below its record high of ₹322.45, achieved on January 23, 2024.

Sector Challenges and Company Outlook

The fertilizer and industrial products segments faced significant headwinds throughout the fiscal year. The reduction in subsidy rates notably impacted the fertilizer segment, leading to a 25 percent decrease in sales value, despite a 6 percent increase in volume. Additionally, the industrial products segment saw an 8 percent decline in top-line revenue due to lower sales realization.

Financial Position and Future Prospects

Despite the current challenges, GSFC maintains a robust financial stance with a high net-worth proportion and a long-term debt-free position. This strength provides the company with the capacity to fund capital expenditures and withstand future economic shocks.


While GSFC has faced a tough quarter, its strong financial foundation and strategic adjustments to upcoming fiscal challenges may allow it to recover and potentially thrive in future quarters. Investors and stakeholders will be watching closely as the company navigates through these turbulent times.


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