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Coinbase Halts Staking in 4 States: A Game-Changing Decision!

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, has temporarily suspended its staking services in four states due to regulatory pressure.


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Merlin Chain’s Mainnet Success: Over $1.97 Billion TVL and Strong Bitcoin Ordinals Ecosystem Involvement

Merlin Chain emerges as a formidable player in the Bitcoin second-layer ecosystem, boasting over $1.97 billion in TVL shortly after its mainnet launch, signaling strong market confidence and adoption.

Block’s Bitcoin Strategy Yields $207M in Gains, Spurs 90% Profit Surge

Block, Inc. reports a spectacular $207 million gain from its Bitcoin investments last quarter, reflecting a 90% increase in Bitcoin gross profit and propelling its stock to soar in after-hours trading.

Kraken Challenges SEC: A Standoff Over Crypto Regulation and Political Free Speech

Kraken's legal battle with the SEC highlights the ongoing tension between crypto exchanges and regulatory authorities, underscoring critical questions about the future of digital assets in the United States.

Starknet STRK Token Price Soars as StarkWare Adjusts Unlock Schedule Amid Community Feedback

Following StarkWare's response to community backlash by revising the STRK token unlock schedule, Starknet sees a price surge, highlighting the impact of tokenomics on crypto valuations.

Reddit Announces IPO with a Crypto Twist: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and MATIC Holdings Revealed

In a significant move towards becoming a publicly traded company, Reddit reveals its cryptocurrency holdings, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, in its latest SEC filing, marking a notable fusion of social media and blockchain technology.

Ethereum Eyes $3,300 Milestone: Bullish Trends Amid ETF Speculations and DeFi Demand

Despite Ethereum's struggle to break the $3,000 barrier, market data and emerging trends in DeFi and staking suggest a strong bullish sentiment, potentially paving the way for ETH to reach new highs.

Bitcoin ETF and Market Price Correlation Weakens, JPMorgan Analyzes

JPMorgan's analysis reveals a diminishing correlation between Bitcoin ETF inflows and the cryptocurrency's price movements, suggesting a potential shift in how ETFs influence Bitcoin's market dynamics.

Bitcoin Founders Refute Craig Wright’s Claims in COPA Trial: A Battle for Satoshi’s Legacy

In a significant UK lawsuit, early Bitcoin pioneers Adam Back and Martti Malmi testify against Craig Wright, who claims to be the pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, potentially reshaping Bitcoin's intellectual property landscape.

Valkyrie CIO Projects Spot Ethereum and Potential XRP ETF Approval Timelines

Steven McClurg of Valkyrie offers insights on the timeline for spot Ethereum ETF approvals and the complexities involved, alongside the speculative potential of a spot XRP ETF in the evolving regulatory landscape.