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Who is the Founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto?

Discover the enigmatic figure behind Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Uncover the origins of the revolutionary cryptocurrency and delve into the mystery surrounding its elusive creator. Explore the fascinating story of Satoshi Nakamoto and the groundbreaking technology that changed the financial landscape.



Bitcoin BTC’s Roller Coaster: Plunge and Surge Amid Halving Event and Market Volatility

Explore the dramatic shifts in Bitcoin's price as it navigates through halving aftermath and potential market recoveries.

Exploring Blockchain’s Future: Insights from Gateio’s VC & Web3 Ecosystem Party at TOKEN2049

Join industry leaders from and Huawei Cloud as they delve into the future of blockchain and Web3 technologies, following a successful gathering at TOKEN2049 in Dubai.

Bitcoin BTC’s Post-Halving Era Begins: Dominance Stabilizes as Altcoins Rally

Explore the evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency market following Bitcoin's latest halving, which could set the stage for altcoin success.

Bitcoin Fees Skyrocket, Surpassing Ethereum – Could Ordinals Boost BTC Security?

Discover how Bitcoin fees have soared, the role of Ordinals in this trend, and the potential implications for Bitcoin's security model.

Bitcoin Halving Sparks Market Volatility: Demand Surge Meets Miner Challenges

Discover the key factors driving Bitcoin's trajectory after the halving. Get expert insights into the potential for a supply shock, the role of ETFs, and the challenges faced by miners.

Bitcoin Soars Toward Halving Event: Impact, Livestreams, and Expert Predictions

Get the latest insights on the Bitcoin halving–its impact, where to watch it live, and expert analysis on what this means for Bitcoin's future.

Litecoin Could Be Preparing for a 20% Rise! Current LTC Analysis

Will Litecoin continue its upward trend? What should LTC investors expect? What are the targets in the current LTC analysis?

Ethereum Might Be Preparing for a Rise! Current ETH Analysis

Ethereum's daily chart has sustained a rise up to $3100 after strong buying in the $2867 - $2950 range. Current ETH Analysis

Bitcoin, Ethereum Prices Surge as Halving Approaches: Analyst Insights on Supply Shock Potential

Get the latest insights on the Bitcoin halving event and its potential implications for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and the wider crypto market. Expert analysis and price predictions included.