Polymarket Predicts Only 10% Chance of Biden Re-Election, Trump Leads with 61%

  • The chances of President Joe Biden being re-elected have plummeted to 9% on the decentralized crypto prediction platform Polymarket.
  • Betting enthusiasts are speculating whether Vice President Kamala Harris will replace Biden as the Democratic nominee.
  • Biden’s probability has slightly recovered to 10% in Polymarket’s $226 million “2024 Presidential Election Winner” market, while former President Donald Trump leads with 61% and Harris follows at 19%.

A comprehensive analysis of Joe Biden’s dwindling re-election chances and their impact on the crypto prediction markets.

Joe Biden’s Re-election Odds Decline

The decentralized crypto prediction platform Polymarket has observed a significant decline in the likelihood of President Joe Biden winning the 2024 Presidential Election. Initially seeing a drop to 9%, his odds have now slightly rebounded to 10%. This shift is reflective of public sentiment and has sparked debates about the future leadership within the Democratic Party.

The Role of Kamala Harris in Democratic Nominee Speculations

Given Biden’s dwindling chances, a growing number of participants on Polymarket are betting on Vice President Kamala Harris to be the potential Democratic nominee. Harris is currently positioned as the second most likely candidate with a 19% chance, trailing behind Donald Trump who has a stronger foothold at 61%. This betting trend indicates a substantial shift in political expectations and strategy within the Democratic Party.

Analyzing PredictIt’s Insights on Biden’s Standing

On PredictIt, another prominent prediction platform, the trends mirror Polymarket’s findings. Biden’s stock price for winning the election has dropped from $0.25 to $0.20, highlighting the market’s skepticism about his re-election bid. Harris’s leading position among Democratic hopefuls further solidifies the notion that Biden’s leadership might be nearing its end.

Media and Public Perception

The media’s portrayal of Biden, alongside public commentary, suggests an increasing concern regarding his suitability for a second term. CNN reported that during a July 3 meeting at the White House, the President made light-hearted comments about his mental fitness, which, though in jest, have been a focal point of concern. Additionally, Biden’s early self-imposed evening curfew and a widely circulated gaffe where he mistakenly called himself the “first black woman” serving as President, have fueled further speculation regarding his capability to continue in office.

Implications for the 2024 Election

Polymarket’s data indicates a 66% probability of Biden withdrawing before the November 4 election date, with Harris emerging as the top contender to rival Trump. Despite these developments, Biden has continuously affirmed his intent to run, as evidenced by his statement during the July 4 Independence Day speech at the White House, where he asserted, “I’m not going anywhere.”


The evolving dynamics within the Democratic Party, reflected in crypto prediction markets like Polymarket and PredictIt, underscore the uncertainty of Biden’s re-election prospects. As predictions lean towards a potential shift to Kamala Harris, it is essential for investors and political analysts alike to stay informed about these trends and their broader implications on the 2024 Presidential Election.

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