Ripple President Monica Long Discusses XRP’s Future and Global Expansion on The Scoop

  • Ripple President Monica Long recently shared insights on Ripple’s advancements and the evolving regulatory landscape during an interview with The Block’s Director of Special Projects, Frank Chaparro.
  • Ripple has transitioned from merely providing cross-border payments to offering a full suite of blockchain infrastructure services globally.
  • “XRP is not considered a security,” a significant legal victory that clarified Ripple’s operations in the U.S.

Discover the latest developments in Ripple’s journey, from legal triumphs to expanding blockchain services globally, and the critical role of regulatory clarity.

Ripple’s Legal Victory and Business Growth

In a landmark decision in July 2023, Ripple secured a favorable court ruling that XRP is not a security, significantly impacting its business strategy. This ruling has allowed Ripple to proceed confidently with its operations in the U.S. Monica Long emphasized that this legal win provided much-needed clarity, allowing for continued expansion and innovation within the blockchain space.

From Payments to Comprehensive Blockchain Services

Ripple’s strategy has evolved beyond just cross-border payments. The company now offers a robust blockchain infrastructure that interconnects various financial networks. This shift has enabled Ripple to penetrate over 80 global markets. The acquisition of Medico, now known as Ripple Custody, has been pivotal in enhancing their service offerings, especially in custody solutions for financial giants.

Regulation and Global Expansion

Monica Long addressed the challenges and opportunities in the regulatory landscape. She labeled the SEC’s approach as a “war on crypto” but highlighted that Ripple has found more success in regions like Europe, Singapore, and Brazil, where regulatory frameworks are well-defined. This clarity has facilitated Ripple’s growth and operations in these areas, allowing them to serve a diverse clientele with tailored blockchain solutions.

The Strategic Role of Stablecoins

Ripple’s foray into stablecoins marks a significant expansion of its product line. Monica Long explained that stablecoins and XRP serve different roles within Ripple’s ecosystem. While XRP acts as a bridge for cross-currency settlements, the new USD stablecoin focuses on transactions demanding high stability, like USD to EUR transfers. This strategic addition leverages Ripple’s existing customer base and robust infrastructure.

Tokenization and Institutional Interest

Ripple is at the forefront of tokenizing real-world assets, an area gaining substantial interest among institutional investors. Monica Long detailed how Ripple’s custody solutions support the secure and efficient tokenization of assets, ranging from securities to money market funds. This development underscores the growing acceptance of blockchain technology by mainstream financial institutions.

Future Prospects and Innovations

Looking forward, Ripple is poised for further innovations. Monica Long expressed enthusiasm about potential ventures, including the possibility of launching a spot XRP ETF. The court’s recent clarity on XRP and Bitcoin being non-securities positions Ripple favorably for future opportunities. Ripple’s established infrastructure places it in a strong position to meet diverse enterprise needs beyond payments.


Ripple’s journey is marked by significant legal victories, strategic expansion, and innovative product offerings. Monica Long’s insights highlight a future where Ripple continues to leverage regulatory clarity and technological advancements to serve a global market comprehensively. The company’s evolution from payments to a full-spectrum blockchain service provider signifies its readiness to lead in the digital financial ecosystem.

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