Alex Krüger Believes Bitcoin Market Can Absorb Mt. Gox and German Government BTC Sales

  • The recent Bitcoin sell-off involving Mt. Gox and the German government has caught the attention of the crypto community.
  • These substantial BTC liquidations stem from historical events, including the seizure of Bitcoin by German authorities and the Mt. Gox bankruptcy situation.
  • Noted macro trader and economist, Alex Krüger, has weighed in, suggesting that the market can withstand this sell pressure.

Gain insights into the current Bitcoin market dynamics with a detailed analysis of sell pressures from major holders and expert opinions.

Mounting Bitcoin Sell Pressure from Historical Holdings

The ongoing Bitcoin (BTC) sell pressure emanating from holdings by the German government and the infamous Mt. Gox exchange has been significant. The German authorities, after confiscating 50,000 BTC from the now-defunct streaming platform, have recently been observed transferring portions of these holdings to exchanges. As of June 19th, they retain 23,964 BTC, based on data from the digital asset de-anonymizing service Arkham.

Insights from Alex Krüger on Market Resilience

Alex Krüger, a seasoned macro trader and economist, remains unfazed by these developments. He posits that the market has reached the “final stretch of the German onslaught.” His analysis reveals that a 16,038 BTC dump, valued at approximately $910 million at the time, only impacted the Bitcoin price by -3.5%. Given these parameters, Krüger believes that the market has the capacity to absorb the remaining Bitcoin from the German stash as well as any scheduled Mt. Gox liquidations.

Mt. Gox: A Historical Context and Future Implications

Mt. Gox, once a behemoth handling over 70% of global Bitcoin trading, went bankrupt in 2014 following a catastrophic hack. The exchange has since been in the process of disbursing repayments to former customers as part of a bankruptcy rehabilitation plan. In July of last year, the company announced that it would distribute a total of 141,000 BTC, with 95,000 BTC earmarked for distribution within 90 days to creditors opting for early repayment.

Analyzing the Impact of Bitcoin Disbursements

Krüger provides a detailed breakdown: Of the 95,000 BTC slated for early distribution, 20,000 will go to credit funds, 10,000 to a financially troubled New Zealand exchange, and the remaining 65,000 to individual creditors. Assuming that 30% of these individual creditors opt to sell their BTC immediately, this would result in approximately 25,500 BTC hitting the market. When combined with the German government’s remaining Bitcoin, Krüger anticipates a potential market impact of a 10.5% price dump. Nevertheless, his analysis insists that the market can absorb such shocks, maintaining overall resilience.


The Bitcoin market continues to demonstrate remarkable robustness despite significant sell pressures from large holders such as the German government and Mt. Gox creditors. While short-term price volatility is expected, experts like Alex Krüger maintain a confident outlook that the market can absorb these pressures without long-term detrimental effects. Investors should remain vigilant but also recognize the inherent stability and growing sophistication of the Bitcoin market.

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