Anthony Scaramucci Predicts Bitcoin’s Potential Surge to $700,000 Amid Biden’s Crypto Pivot

  • The founder of SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci, believes that President Joe Biden may start showing more support for the crypto industry, despite SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s reservations.
  • Recent developments, such as the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs, indicate a potential shift in Biden’s stance towards cryptocurrency.
  • Scaramucci suggests that Biden may risk losing votes in key swing states if he continues to align with anti-crypto figures like Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler.

Anthony Scaramucci foresees a favorable shift in President Biden’s stance on cryptocurrency, suggesting electoral consequences for crypto opposition.

Biden Administration’s Potential Crypto Pivot

In a recent conversation with David Lin, independent journalist, Anthony Scaramucci expressed optimism about President Joe Biden’s evolving stance on cryptocurrency. The approval of spot Ethereum ETFs signals a departure from the strict regulatory approach preferred by figures like SEC Chair Gary Gensler and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Scaramucci believes that as the election approaches, Biden may adopt a more crypto-friendly approach to avoid alienating voters in pivotal swing states.

Implications of SEC’s Staff Accounting Bulletin 121

The SEC’s Staff Accounting Bulletin (SAB) 121 mandates that companies classify digital assets as liabilities if they are held on behalf of customers. This ruling, issued in 2022, has raised concerns among crypto advocates. Scaramucci highlighted how this regulation could be a turning point, potentially influencing Biden’s broader strategy on digital assets. By pivoting on crypto policies, the administration could mitigate the risk of voter backlash due to perceived overregulation.

Bitcoin’s Future Potential According to Scaramucci

Scaramucci’s bullish outlook on Bitcoin is central to his advocacy for favorable regulatory treatment of cryptocurrencies. He predicts that Bitcoin could reach up to $700,000 over the next 15 years, citing the asset’s growing adoption rate. With only 5% adoption in the United States, Bitcoin’s potential for growth remains substantial. Scaramucci relates Bitcoin’s possible market cap growth to that of gold’s current $16 trillion market cap, suggesting that Bitcoin could see a tenfold increase if adoption rates continue to climb.

Current Market Position of Bitcoin

At present, Bitcoin is trading at approximately $69,420. Scaramucci’s projections are based on historical adoption trends and the unique technical properties of Bitcoin. He underscores that with continued scaling and mainstream adoption, Bitcoin’s value could align more closely with its long-term growth prospects. This optimistic forecast supports his argument for a regulatory environment that encourages rather than stifles innovation in the crypto sector.


In summary, Anthony Scaramucci’s insights suggest a potential shift in President Biden’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation. The approval of Ethereum ETFs might be a precursor to more comprehensive acceptance of digital assets. As the election nears, Biden’s strategy could evolve to attract voters supportive of crypto innovation. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s trajectory points towards significant future gains, emphasizing the importance of regulatory frameworks that foster growth within the industry. Investors should stay informed about these developments, as they hold implications for both market dynamics and political strategies.

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