Aptos Token Unlock Event: $69.44M Worth of APT to Hit Market on July 12

  • Token unlock events hold significant sway over cryptocurrency prices, and next week’s events are drawing considerable interest.
  • Over $273.74 million in tokens are set to be unlocked, with Aptos’ token unlock being one of the most closely watched.
  • A key detail is the unlocking of $69.44 million worth of Aptos (APT) tokens, the largest event scheduled for July 12.

Anticipated token unlocks next week may alter crypto market dynamics, with Aptos’ significant token event taking center stage.

Aptos Token Unlock: What to Expect

Next week, Aptos is set to release $69.44 million worth of APT tokens, representing about 2.49% of its total token supply. This event, scheduled for July 12 at 17:00, marks the largest single token unlock for the week. With the APT token currently trading at $6.14, both investors and market analysts are closely monitoring potential market reactions.

Potential Market Reactions and Price Movements

Historically, token unlocks can lead to increased volatility. The APT token, having seen a steep decline from $19 in March to its current valuation, sits at a critical juncture. Key support levels are identified at $5.96 and $5.30, while resistance levels stand at $6.55 and $7.44. Breaking above these resistance points could see the token target the $9.92 level, aligned with the EMA 200 average. Conversely, a close below $5.30 may introduce additional selling pressure.

Investor Insights and Strategies

Investors should remain vigilant during this period. The significant token unlock could introduce both opportunities and risks. Monitoring the $69.44 million APT token release, especially around the identified support and resistance levels, is crucial for making informed decisions. Strategic buying positions might be considered at these support levels, while resistance breaches could signal potential upward movements, offering lucrative exit points.


The upcoming Aptos token unlock event is poised to be a key market mover. With substantial tokens flooding the market, the subsequent price action could provide critical opportunities. Investors navigating this landscape should stay informed, leverage key support and resistance levels, and be prepared for a dynamic market environment. This cautious yet strategic approach will be vital in capitalizing on the potential market shifts brought about by these token unlock events.

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