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Jocelyn Blake is a 29-year-old writer with a particular interest in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). With a love for exploring the latest trends in the cryptocurrency space, Jocelyn provides valuable insights on the world of NFTs.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Gold Analysis from JPMorgan Strategists!

According to JPMorgan strategists, the rise in gold prices and the halving event planned for Bitcoin in 2024 could cause the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to reach $45,000 again. During this period, Ethereum (ETH) may be under some selling pressure, while the price correlation between Gold (XAU) and Bitcoin continues to attract attention.

Ethereum Price Plummets: Current ETH Price Analysis for Traders!

Ethereum price failed to surpass $1,880 and declined. ETH is struggling but may continue to fall towards the $1,790 support.

XRP Price Prediction: Can XRP Coin Rise to $1?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have fallen, but XRP continues to stay in positive territory - the latest on XRP price!

What is Ethermon? How to Buy EMON Coin?

In this article, we have examined what Ethermon is, its features, use cases, and how to buy EMON coin.

American Billionaire Paul Tudor Shares His Thoughts on Bitcoin!

Famous American billionaire and hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones has shared his thoughts on Bitcoin.

Declining Trading Volume and Liquidity of Bitcoin on Binance Exchange

Bitcoin's trading volumes and liquidity are decreasing on Binance - What does this mean and what are the consequences?

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis: BTC Could Move Towards $25,000!

Bitcoin price is in a downward trend below $28,000. BTC faces a risk of a drop towards the $25,000 support in the near term.

What is OG Fan Token (OG) Coin and How to Buy It?

OG Fan Token (OG) is a fan token that runs on the Chiliz blockchain and is used on the platform. This guide explains what OG Fan Token is, how it works, and how to buy it. This token, which is associated with the successful e-sports organization OG in Dota 2, allows fans to establish a more interactive connection with their favorite teams.

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