Marisol Navaro

Marisol Navaro is a young 21-year-old writer who is passionate about following in Satoshi's footsteps in the cryptocurrency industry. With a drive to learn and understand the latest trends and developments, Marisol provides fresh insights and perspectives on the world of cryptocurrency.

Is a Bitcoin Retrace to $20,000 Inevitable? Analyzing the Shadows of 2019

Analyzing whether Bitcoin’s current price stagnation is a harbinger of an impending retrace to $20,000, in light of historical behavior and upcoming halving in 2024.

Binance and Changpeng Zhao Make Legal Moves to Dismiss SEC Lawsuit!

Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao put forth a petition to dismiss the SEC's lawsuit. Learn what this means for the crypto industry.

Was Satoshi Nakamoto a Creation of Hal Finney? Unraveling Bitcoin’s Greatest Mystery

Explore the mysterious nexus between Hal Finney and Satoshi Nakamoto in the genesis of Bitcoin. This investigative piece delves into clandestine meetings, cryptic correspondences, and the enigmatic figure that looms large in the cryptocurrency sphere. Join us as we unravel the threads of the greatest mystery in the digital age.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Legal Team Outlines Strategy Through Potential Juror Questions

As the legal storm surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried intensifies, his legal team unveils a comprehensive strategy for jury selection, aiming to gauge their stances on various pertinent issues ranging from crypto investments to political contributions, shedding light on the focal points of the upcoming trial.

Bitcoin ETF Trade Focus Sharpens on Asset Value Amid SEC’s Grayscale Evaluation

Investors eye the narrowing gap between GBTC shares and Bitcoin value, foreseeing potential arbitrage opportunities and evaluating the SEC's forthcoming decisions on crypto ETF applications.

High-Level Executives Lead Crypto Asset Investment Strategies

Despite regulatory pressures, the crypto industry is expected to continue its positive trajectory, with more asset management firms expected to adopt crypto asset strategies.

Coinbase Ventures into Crypto Lending: Implications and Prospects

As Coinbase unveils its crypto lending program for institutional investors, many wonder about the potential impact on its stock value and the broader crypto market. The endeavor seems promising, yet accompanied by a set of challenges and regulatory scrutiny.

SEC Crackdown: Top 5 Advisory Firms Charged with Custody Rule Violations

An urgent revelation from the SEC underscores the imperative of adhering to financial regulations, especially concerning the safeguarding of client assets and transparent reporting. This news piece delves into the recent charges and what it signifies for the industry.

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