Sheila Belson

Sheila Belson is a 20-year-old financial content editor who ventured into the realm of cryptocurrencies in 2023. Enthralled by the innovative world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), she harbours a profound affection for Ethereum. With a sharp eye for detail, Sheila skillfully navigates the dynamic crypto landscape, continuously seeking to enrich her understanding and share her passion through engaging and insightful content.

The Crypto Debate Between the SEC and Congress: Coinbase’s DC Strategy

A comprehensive look at the widening gap between Congress and the SEC over crypto regulations, highlighting the challenges and concerns raised by key players in the industry.

Terra’s CEO Falsifies Trade Volumes: A Deep Dive into SEC’s Accusations

An in-depth look into Terra's downfall and the dark secrets revealed in the SEC's court filings.

SEC Faces Accusations of Overreach in Binance Case: Paradigm Takes a Stand

Paradigm challenges the SEC's approach in its lawsuit against Binance, suggesting the agency is reshaping securities law without due process. A myriad of amicus briefs suggest broad industry concern.

Costco Gold Bar Craze: Is Bitcoin the Real Winner?

Amidst the rush for gold at retail giants like Costco, Bitcoin's performance and potential is stealing the spotlight. Investors weigh their options as both assets promise safety in uncertain times.

Bitwise Set to Launch Ether Futures ETFs in a Dynamic Crypto Market

Bitwise steps up in the crypto futures game by unveiling two ETF products focused on ether futures, offering investors a regulated entry into the volatile crypto market.

Gemini Halts Operations in Netherlands Amidst Regulatory Concerns

Gemini, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, takes a pause in the Netherlands due to unforeseen regulatory pressures. Will they manage to navigate the European Union's complex crypto regulations?

Crypto Surge: Ethereum Futures ETF and Dollar Weakness Uplift Market

The crypto market shows strong recovery with key players like Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the surge, primarily influenced by Ethereum futures ETF news and a weakening dollar.

Bitcoin Surges in Response to Potential U.S. Government Shutdown

As potential U.S. government shutdown looms, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain traction, highlighting the decentralized tenets they champion. But is it all positive?

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