AVAX Faces Sharp 10% Decline Amid Whale Transactions, Yet Market Shows Bullish Signs

  • A significant drop in AVAX has raised concerns within the crypto community.
  • Market data shows a contrasting sentiment among different types of traders.
  • “The scale of whale transactions has set the stage for market upheaval,” stated a leading analyst.

Avalanche (AVAX) prices plunged sharply due to large-scale whale activities, stirring mixed reactions in the trading community.

AVAX Facing Severe Market Pressure

A recent downward trend in AVAX has been observed as the price dropped 10% within a short period, mainly caused by significant whale transactions. A large player in the market transferred 1.96 million AVAX, worth $54.2 million, to major exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and Gate.io, as well as through THORChain. This mammoth transaction triggered a sell-off that rippled through the crypto trading landscape.

Technical Indicators Show Bearish Trends

Technical analysis indicates troubling signs for AVAX. The 50-period moving average (MA) has crossed below the 200-period MA, a bearish signal known as the “death cross.” Currently, the price struggles around the 200-period MA, which signifies a critical resistance level near $25.73. Increased trading volume accompanies these price drops, suggesting substantial selling pressure at key moments, which could deter potential buyers.

Potential for Recovery Amidst Volatility

Despite the steep decline, the outlook for AVAX isn’t entirely bleak. Data reveals that many ‘In the Money’ investors—those holding AVAX at a profit—have sold off, indicating they might have exited their positions at a loss. If the number of ‘Out of the Money’ addresses (those holding at a loss) stabilizes or declines while ‘In the Money’ addresses increase, AVAX could witness a rebound. The prevalent sentiment among whales and investors, coupled with data showing stable netflow ratios, implies that large holders are not hastily offloading their holdings, which could be a sign of anticipated stability or future price recovery.

Derivatives Market Shows Bullish Inclination

The derivatives market for AVAX has been particularly active and portrays a bullish sentiment among traders. A notable amount of recent financial positions, mainly on the long side, incurred losses; $675.26K was lost on longs compared to $196.43K on shorts within the last 24 hours. This discrepancy suggests that the bearish market movements caught the bullish sentiment off-guard, thus shaking the confidence of overly optimistic traders. However, the persistent bullish trend among traders in major exchanges signals potential price recovery or stabilization in the short to medium term.


Avalanche (AVAX) is currently navigating a turbulent market phase, influenced by extensive whale activities and bearish technical indicators. However, the potential for a price recovery remains, bolstered by the sentiments in the derivatives market and stable behavior among large AVAX holders. Investors should stay wary of external factors and market fundamentals that may drive future price movements. The mixed market sentiment suggests a battle between bearish trends and bullish hopes, which could define AVAX’s trajectory in the coming weeks.

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