Bitcoin Advocated by Senate Nominee Bernie Moreno as Safeguard Against CBDCs

  • The cryptocurrency landscape is evolving rapidly, with key political figures weighing in on its future.
  • Bernie Moreno, the Republican Senate nominee from Ohio, has expressed strong opinions on cryptocurrencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).
  • Moreno’s concerns about CBDCs highlight the potential risks of government overreach in financial transactions.

Explore Bernie Moreno’s views on cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, and the future of financial freedom in our latest crypto news article.

Bernie Moreno’s Perspective on Cryptocurrencies

In a recent conversation with Kitco News, Bernie Moreno, endorsed by Trump and the Republican Senate nominee from Ohio, discussed the role of cryptocurrencies and the implications of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). During his interview at Consensus 2024, Moreno emphasized protecting financial freedom and fostering innovation within the crypto space.

Business Background and Political Aspirations

Moreno’s rise in the business world began with his transformation of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in North Olmsted, Ohio, into one of the top-performing dealerships in the United States. His business acumen later extended to the luxury car market, where he established a network of dealerships. Over the past few years, Moreno has also become an advocate for blockchain and cryptocurrency, actively promoting their integration into business practices as a means of driving technological advancement.

Moreno’s Stance on CBDCs

Moreno’s views on CBDCs are clear and uncompromising. He describes these government-issued digital currencies as a threat to personal freedom, potentially granting unprecedented control to the government over how individuals manage their finances. He warns that eliminating cash and relying solely on digital currency issued by central banks could create significant risks:

“If the government removes cash, forcing us to use fiat currency through a centralized digital bank currency, it’s game over for financial privacy,” Moreno stated, likening the situation to the ominous “Death Star.”

Lessons from Bitcoin

Drawing historical parallels, Moreno likens early Bitcoin adopters to America’s founding fathers, who were wary of centralized power. He believes Bitcoin serves as an important check against potential fiscal irresponsibility by the government, much like the founding fathers’ focus on limiting central authority in their time.

Regulation and Political Dynamics

As the political landscape shapes the future of crypto regulation, Moreno is vocal about the crucial role the upcoming elections will play. He criticizes the Democratic Party for what he perceives as an insincere shift towards pro-crypto policies, attributing it to election strategies rather than a consistent commitment to innovation:

“If Democrats win, their short-lived pro-crypto facade will give way to policies that could stifle the industry’s growth,” Moreno cautioned.

Comparing CBDCs and Bitcoin

Moreno believes that while the U.S. dollar must retain its status as the global reserve currency, Bitcoin should be allowed to exist as an alternative. He argues that Bitcoin’s presence helps maintain fiscal discipline within government monetary policies, providing a counterbalance to potential mismanagement.

Fostering a Pro-Crypto Environment in Ohio

In his vision for Ohio, Moreno emphasizes leveraging the state’s rich energy resources to promote crypto mining. He also advocates for regulatory frameworks that support innovation, aiming to transform Ohio into a hub for technological advancement:

“By rejecting CBDCs, we can attract individuals who value freedom, making Ohio a beacon for innovation and liberty,” Moreno asserted.

Advocating Transparency in Politics

Moreno is a proponent of transparency and accountability in government. He supports measures that prevent elected officials from trading stocks and financial assets while in office to avoid conflicts of interest. This commitment to transparency is reflected in his decision to divest from cryptocurrencies to steer clear of any potential conflicts.

Collaboration with President Trump

Moreno praises former President Trump for his firm opposition to CBDCs and his support of a pro-crypto regulatory environment. He believes Trump’s business background and openness to new ideas make him well-suited to lead the nation through its current economic challenges:

“President Trump’s understanding of business and regulation is crucial for crafting laws that protect innovation while ensuring financial freedom,” said Moreno.

Utilizing Blockchain for Election Integrity

Addressing concerns about election integrity, Moreno supports the adoption of blockchain technology to enhance the security and transparency of voting processes. While he expresses confidence in Ohio’s electoral systems, he acknowledges the need for broader public trust to implement such innovations effectively.


In summary, Bernie Moreno’s perspectives on cryptocurrencies and CBDCs offer valuable insights into the evolving financial landscape. His emphasis on financial freedom, minimal government intervention, and the promotion of technology sets a distinct contrast with his opponents. As the crypto industry continues to grow, the role of political figures like Moreno will be pivotal in shaping its future.

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