Bitcoin (BTC) Analysis: Crucial Data Indicates Strong Reasons to Hold Your Investment

  • Bitcoin traders might not want to sell right now, as an uptrend seems imminent.
  • Miners, generally considered market-savvy participants, were unwilling to sell their holdings.
  • “Bitcoin’s profit margin and miner positions reveal bullish signs for the crypto market.”

Discover why Bitcoin traders should hold their positions as key data indicates a bullish trend in the crypto market.

Bitcoin’s Profit Margin and Miner Positions Indicate Bullish Signs

Bitcoin [BTC] noted a smaller range formation after breaking out past the $67k resistance last week. This range reached from the $70.5k resistance to the $66.8k support, and the 27th of May saw BTC rejected from the shorter-term range high. However, unlike the previous time that Bitcoin tested the $70k area, things are quite different. The bulls have a much better chance of continuing the trend upward.

Selling Pressure from Profit-Taking Activity Will Be Far Less

Crypto analyst and head of research at CryptoQuant, Julio Moreno, observed that the profit margin at current market prices is at 3% compared to the 69% it reached in mid-March when prices rallied that far north. This means that the past 10 weeks of consolidation have absorbed the selling pressure from profit-takers. It has also likely wiped out high-leverage longs and shorts in the futures market and paved the way for a more organic, spot-driven uptrend. This is strongly bullish for the market and especially for investors with a high time horizon. The sellers are exhausted, and the buyers have had enough time to gather steam for the next upward charge.

Miner’s Position Shows a Bullish Sign Too

The miner’s position index is the ratio of total outflow from miners to the one-year moving average of the total outflow from miners. A downtrend in this metric is a bullish sign, as it shows miners are less willing and less involved in selling. The 14-period simple moving average reached a low not seen in more than four years. This showed that miners are not willing to sell. An uptrend in this metric could inform traders of a potential top.


In summary, Bitcoin’s current market dynamics, including reduced selling pressure and bullish miner positions, suggest a strong potential for an upward trend. Traders and investors should consider these factors before making any selling decisions, as the market appears poised for a significant rally.

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Gideon Wolf
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