Bitcoin [BTC] NFT Sales Volume Drops 71% Despite Price Uptick in May

  • In the past week, Bitcoin’s NFT sales volume decreased by 4%.
  • Despite the dip, the weekly price charts for Bitcoin and Ethereum showed positive movement.
  • Experts are closely analyzing the trends to understand the overall market sentiment and future predictions.

Explore the latest dynamics in the cryptocurrency market with our in-depth analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Discover trends, sales volumes, and key market movements in this comprehensive report.

Performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum NFTs in May

Recent data from Coin98 Analytics shed light on the performance of major blockchains in May. According to their insights, Bitcoin and Ethereum led the market in terms of total NFT sales volume. Bitcoin achieved a sales volume of $157 million, while Ethereum followed closely with $147 million.

Surprising Trends in NFT Sales

While the numbers seem promising, a deeper dive into monthly trends reveals otherwise. Data from CRYPTOSLAM indicated notable declines for both leading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s NFT sales volume plummeted by 71%, whereas Ethereum faced a 56% drop. This unexpected trend prompts further investigation into market factors influencing these drops.

June Shows Signs of Recovery

June appears to be showing signs of market recovery. Notably, there was a significant increase in the number of NFT buyers and sellers for Bitcoin, rising by over 20%. Nevertheless, the overall sales volume for Bitcoin NFTs dipped slightly by 4% during the same period.

Ethereum’s Improved Performance

Ethereum’s performance, however, exhibited a more positive trend. Its sales volume rose by more than 4%, and the number of active NFT sellers and buyers surged by over 10%. Such positive movements are essential in evaluating if this trend will continue in the long run.

Positive Price Movements for BTC and ETH

Amid the fluctuations in NFT sales, Bitcoin and Ethereum maintained their bullish trajectories on the price charts. Over the past week, Bitcoin’s price increased by 4.2%, and Ethereum saw a 2.2% rise. Currently, Bitcoin is valued at $71,091, with Ethereum priced at $3,815.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing data from Santiment, COINOTAG reported that both cryptocurrencies experienced high social volumes during the week. Ethereum’s weighted sentiment turned positive, reflecting bullish market sentiment. Interestingly, despite Bitcoin’s price surge, its weighted sentiment was negative, indicating a cautious or bearish outlook among investors.


The cryptocurrency market exhibited mixed signals in the NFT space for May, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum seeing a decline in sales volumes but an increase in market activities. Entering June, there are early signs of recovery, particularly for Ethereum. As the market dynamics continue to evolve, staying informed with credible data and analysis remains crucial for making well-rounded investment decisions.

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