Bitcoin (BTC) Value Plummets to $61K Amidst Coinbase’s System-Wide Outage: A Crypto Market Update

  • The largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is currently experiencing a system-wide outage, causing concern among its users.
  • Despite the outage, Coinbase has reassured its customers that all funds are secure and safe.
  • The price of Bitcoin reacted to this news with a sudden drop, although it is unclear if the two events are directly related.

Coinbase, a leading US cryptocurrency exchange, experiences a system-wide outage, causing a stir among users and a sudden drop in Bitcoin’s price. However, the company assures that all funds are safe.

Coinbase Outage Causes Panic Among Users

Just a few hours ago, Coinbase’s status page highlighted a system-wide issue, causing panic among its users. The team is currently investigating the problem, with updates being provided regularly. This outage comes on the heels of other issues described as “degraded transactions,” where users reported failures when sending crypto or withdrawing fiat currencies. Despite these problems, Coinbase has assured its users that all funds are secure and safe.

Bitcoin Price Drops Amid Coinbase Outage

As news of the Coinbase outage spread, the price of Bitcoin took a hit, dropping by more than a thousand dollars in just a few minutes. While it’s unclear if these two events are directly related, it’s safe to say that issues with a major US crypto exchange can have an impact on Bitcoin’s price movements. Bitcoin’s price dropped from $62,700 to $61,450 in minutes and is down by two grand from yesterday’s peak at $63,400.


The Coinbase outage and subsequent Bitcoin price drop serve as a reminder of the volatility and unpredictability of the crypto market. While Coinbase is working to resolve its system issues, users are advised to stay updated and ensure their funds are secure. As for Bitcoin, the sudden price drop is a testament to the coin’s susceptibility to market news and events.

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