Bitcoin Bull Run Predicted to Extend Into 2025, Says Analyst Bluntz

  • Bitcoin’s bullish trajectory continues to be a hot topic among crypto enthusiasts.
  • Analysts are making predictions about the future potential of Bitcoin’s price movement.
  • A renowned cryptocurrency analyst, Bluntz, believes Bitcoin might reach new highs by early 2025.

Explore the potential future of Bitcoin as financial experts predict significant upward trends, driven by technical analysis and market sentiment.

Bitcoin’s Bullish Cycle: An Ongoing Phenomenon

Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Bluntz, who has a substantial following on social media platform X, has voiced his optimistic outlook regarding Bitcoin (BTC). According to Bluntz, the current bullish cycle of Bitcoin is far from finished, suggesting that this upward trend could extend into early 2025. His analysis, based on the Elliott Wave theory, indicates that Bitcoin may still have significant upward potential.

Technical Analysis Supports Bullish Predictions

Bluntz’s technical chart analysis reveals that Bitcoin has recently completed the fourth wave of a classic five-wave pattern on the weekly time frame. This theory, which predicts asset price movements in a structured five-wave pattern during an uptrend, suggests that the fifth wave is yet to complete. The final wave, starting from late 2022, could propel Bitcoin’s price to nearly $100,000, further affirming the long-term bullish stance of the analyst.

Market Signals and Indicators

Another crucial aspect of Bluntz’s analysis is the identification of a bullish divergence signal in Bitcoin’s daily trading chart. This signal, typically a precursor to an upward trend reversal, is characterized by the price moving downward while the Relative Strength Index (RSI) trends upward. The divergence indicates a potential reversal from the current downtrend to an uptrend, adding credence to the overall bullish sentiment.

Community Sentiment and Market Reactions

The mention of bullish divergence by Bluntz has sparked discussions in the crypto community, despite the current lack of widespread attention. The analyst remarked on the shattered confidence among traders, which may have caused fewer mentions of this key indicator. However, as awareness spreads, this could potentially lead to increasing investor interest and subsequent price movements in Bitcoin.


Bluntz’s technical insights and optimistic forecasts provide a compelling view of Bitcoin’s future. With the current bullish cycle expected to last into early 2025, and supported by technical signals like the Elliott Wave pattern and bullish divergence, investors might consider remaining attentive to Bitcoin’s movements. As always, due diligence is crucial, and market participants should continue to monitor developments to make informed investment decisions.

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