Bitcoin Drops Below $70,000 Impacting Altcoins PEPE, LUNA, and CEEK

  • Bitcoin prices recently dropped below $70,000, sparking declines across the altcoin markets.
  • This followed a sharp sell-off triggered by unfavorable economic data released last Friday.
  • This bearish trend has seen Bitcoin dip to $68,420 in the last 24 hours, affecting PEPE, LUNA, and CEEK coins.

Bitcoin and Altcoins Plummet: Key Levels to Watch and Predictions for Major Coins

PEPE Coin’s Volatile Predictions

The PEPE Coin’s support level at $0.0000142 was breached, leading the price towards the $0.0000109 mark. Should the sell-off extend through the weekend, prices could drop to between $0.0000091 and $0.0000075. On the other hand, a minor corrective rebound may occur, driven by speculative interest ahead of the Federal Reserve’s meeting next week.

Outlook for LUNA Coin

LUNA Coin is still in a downtrend, exacerbated by ongoing struggles within its community and development team. The $0.560 support level’s collapse brought prices down to $0.05, with potential further drops to $0.035 if the bearish momentum persists. A rally would necessitate a closure above $0.593 to be considered sustainable.

Critical Levels for CEEK Coin

CEEK Coin’s critical support level sits at $0.05. Despite increased selling pressure, the price has not closed below this level. Should there be a break below, it could test the lower supports at $0.045 and $0.0413. Investor interest in buying the dips is apparent, but much depends on Bitcoin maintaining its $68,500 support level.


To summarize, the cryptocurrency market is undergoing significant turbulence, with Bitcoin and multiple altcoins facing critical support tests. Investors should remain alert and mindful of forthcoming economic data and market signals that could drive price movements. Monitoring Bitcoin’s $68,500 support level is crucial for gauging overall market stability. PEPE Coin may face lower support levels, LUNA Coin battles significant obstacles, and CEEK Coin’s key supports are threatened. Vigilant observation and strategic actions will be key for navigating these volatile conditions.

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