Bitcoin Eyes $75,000 as Institutional Inflows Surge and Short Squeeze Looms

  • Bitcoin has surged approximately 2% in the last 24 hours, breaking the psychological barrier of $70,000.
  • Willy Woo, a well-known on-chain analyst, anticipates further gains if Bitcoin surpasses the critical resistance level of $72,000.
  • According to Woo, crossing $72,000 could trigger a significant price spike, propelled by a short squeeze, potentially pushing Bitcoin to $75,000.

Discover why Bitcoin’s recent price movements could herald a new all-time high, driven by institutional demand and market dynamics.

Potential for Bitcoin to Reach $75,000 Amid Short Squeeze

Bitcoin’s recent price increase to $70,000 has set the stage for potential further gains. Despite a rise to $66,000 on May 20, the coin struggled to maintain its momentum, falling back to $56,500. Currently, Bitcoin is trading within a range capped by critical levels, with $72,000 acting as the first major resistance and $73,800 as its all-time high.

Breaking through the $72,000 mark could be a crucial development. This level has been retested multiple times without a definite breach, making a breakthrough indicative of heightened upward potential. Rising trading volumes accompanying such a breakout could signal a new bullish phase, as increased demand fuels the rally.

Woo’s analysis suggests that if Bitcoin consolidates above $72,000, an influx of liquidations in short positions could propel the price significantly. With approximately $1.5 billion in short positions at risk, such a scenario could push the price towards $75,000, potentially establishing new all-time highs shortly after the anticipated Halving event.

Growing Institutional Inflows to Spot Bitcoin ETFs

A major driving force behind Bitcoin’s bullish outlook is the robust institutional demand for spot Bitcoin ETFs, highlighted by a remarkable surge in inflows on June 4. Data from Sosovalue reveals that spot Bitcoin ETF issuers acquired $886.6 million worth of BTC in a single day.

Key players in this transaction included Fidelity, which purchased $378.7 million worth of BTC, and BlackRock, the largest spot Bitcoin ETF issuer, which added $274.4 million to its holdings. Bitwise, another significant entity, increased its BTC reserves by $61 million. Grayscale also demonstrated strong demand, injecting $28.2 million worth of BTC on behalf of its clientele. This influx marks the second-highest daily inflow since the inception of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024.

This substantial institutional interest played a pivotal role in maintaining Bitcoin’s price above $71,500, further consolidating the bullish momentum initiated on June 3. This demand underscores a broader trend of increasing appetite for Bitcoin amid institutional investors.

Broader Implications and Future Outlook

The uptrend in Bitcoin prices is expected to continue, driven by increasing demand for complex financial products like spot Bitcoin ETFs. In a significant move, the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently approved the country’s first spot Bitcoin ETF, which will cater exclusively to affluent and institutional investors. This approval follows a similar development in Australia, signaling growing market acceptance and regulatory support for Bitcoin ETFs.

The persistent demand from institutional investors and the rising adoption of Bitcoin in financial markets bolster the positive outlook for Bitcoin. The market’s readiness to push higher, fueled by both technical factors and increasing acceptance of Bitcoin as an asset class, suggests a promising future for the cryptocurrency.


In summary, Bitcoin’s recent price surge above $70,000, coupled with significant institutional inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs, paints a bullish picture for the cryptocurrency. With key resistance levels in sight and potential for a short squeeze, Bitcoin might be on the cusp of reaching new all-time highs. The continued interest from institutional investors, alongside favorable regulatory developments, further solidifies Bitcoin’s bullish prospects, hinting at a positive outlook for the foreseeable future.

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