Bitcoin Hits All-Time Highs Against Turkish Lira Amid TRY’s Surge in Crypto Volume

  • The crypto market share of the Turkish lira (TRY) has surged to unprecedented levels amidst the currency’s steep decline and turbulent foreign exchange conditions.
  • A report from crypto analytics firm Kaiko indicates that the increase in TRY’s market share propelled it past the euro (EUR), positioning it as the third largest fiat currency by volume.
  • Kaiko’s research unveils that TRY’s market share leaped to a record-breaking 19% in early June, largely due to surging inflation rates exceeding 70%.

Discover how the Turkish lira’s plunge has catapulted its crypto market dominance and what this means for global fiat currencies. A comprehensive analysis awaits.

TRY Ascends to Third Largest Fiat Currency by Volume

According to Kaiko’s analysis, the Turkish lira (TRY) has reached an all-time high in its crypto volume market share, peaking at 19% in early June. This ascent can be attributed to Turkey’s skyrocketing inflation, which has exceeded 70%, classifying the TRY among the world’s poorest performing currencies. Typically, devaluation and exchange rate instability drive increased crypto adoption in emerging markets. Kaiko noted that foreign exchange volatility has escalated recently due to numerous elections in 2024 and divergent monetary policies.

Forex Volatility and TRY’s Climb

Since April, notable fluctuations have been observed in the foreign exchange market. The British pound (GBP) has soared to its highest level against the euro (EUR) in the past two years, whereas the Japanese yen (JPY) has plummeted to a three-decade low against the US dollar (USD). Concurrently, the Mexican peso (MXN) has fallen to its weakest since October 2023. These currencies share common challenges of high inflation and severe devaluation of purchasing power, which have driven a surge in crypto market activities.

Bitcoin Hits Record Highs Against the Turkish Lira

The devaluation of the Turkish lira (TRY) has resulted in bitcoin (BTC) achieving unprecedented highs against the currency in recent months. In October 2023, with BTC valued at $34,000, reports indicated that the cryptocurrency hit an all-time high of 979,000 TRY. By February, BTC skyrocketed to 1.6 million TRY as the crypto asset surpassed $50,000 due to significant demand from U.S. investment products. BTC then reached another peak in March, exceeding 2.3 million TRY, although recent data show a slight decline to 2.24 million TRY.

Impact of Binance’s Banking Issues

Another factor bolstering the Turkish lira’s crypto volume share is Binance’s recent challenges with banking partnerships, leading to the removal of GBP and Australian dollar trading pairs. This development has inadvertently boosted the share of TRY across overall fiat trade volumes on the platform. Kaiko’s findings suggest that such dynamics could continue to influence market trends as more users pivot towards TRY-based trades.


The dramatic ascent of the Turkish lira’s share in the crypto market underscores the intricate relationship between currency devaluation and crypto adoption. As inflation and foreign exchange volatility persist, the appeal of cryptocurrencies as a refuge against fiat instability strengthens, particularly in emerging markets. With the ongoing global financial fluctuations, monitoring such trends becomes crucial for future financial strategies and investments.

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