Bitcoin Miners Pivot to AI for Revenue Amid Steep Decline in BTC Mining Income

  • Bitcoin miners are pivoting to AI technologies to supplement their decreasing revenue streams.
  • The miner exodus is creating potential BTC buy opportunities marked by Hash Ribbon spikes.
  • Core Scientific’s diversification into AI reflects broader strategic shifts among crypto miners.

Bitcoin miners are exploring AI avenues to mitigate losses from their diminishing revenues, creating new investment opportunities amidst market fluctuations.

Shifting to Artificial Intelligence as a Revenue Booster

Recent trends show Bitcoin miners turning to AI computing to augment their revenue sources, especially following the industry’s latest halving event. The Bitcoin halving in April reduced block rewards for miners from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC, significantly impacting their earnings. For instance, as of June 5th, daily revenue for Bitcoin miners had plummeted to $30.05 million, a stark drop from the peak of $107 million seen on the halving day.

Strategic Diversification into AI

Miners are now seeking higher returns through AI, driven by the rising demand catalyzed by successful AI innovations like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. As pointed out in a CNBC report, companies such as Bit Digital now attribute 27% of their revenue to AI, while Hut 8 and Hive have also seen significant gains from their AI ventures, contributing 6% and 4% of their revenues respectively. Core Scientific’s CEO, Adam Sullivan, emphasized that AI adoption aims to establish,

‘Diversified business model and more predictable cash flows.’

This strategic pivot towards AI might be a necessary buffer against the financial strain caused by the observed miner capitulations.

The Exodus of Bitcoin Miners

An investigation mid-May by COINOTAG revealed that Bitcoin’s network hashrate experienced a notable decline, indicating potential miner capitulation coinciding with spikes in Hash Ribbons. Hash Ribbons, which track the short and long-term moving averages of Bitcoin’s hashrate, indicate low mining activity or possible withdrawal of less efficient miners when they spike. Crypto hedge fund Capriole Investments notes the recurrence of this signal as an enticing opportunity for Bitcoin investment:

‘Hash Ribbons is back. Perhaps the best long-term Bitcoin buy signal there is, Hash Ribbons is now tempting us with the current Miner Capitulation, which started two weeks ago.’

Moreover, the Bitcoin miner reserve has dwindled to 1.8 million BTC, a level not seen for 14 years, suggesting substantial offloading of holdings, possibly via over-the-counter (OTC) markets. This scenario aligns with claims by analysts like Willy Woo, who state that institutional investors are moving into a ‘risk-on’ phase, indicating increased buying activity. This raises the question: should individual investors follow suit or wait for clearer market indicators before committing?


In summary, the shift of Bitcoin miners towards artificial intelligence as a new source of income reveals a significant adaptation in response to declining mining revenues. With the compelling Hash Ribbon signals and institutional buying trends, the current landscape suggests a prime opportunity for strategic investments in Bitcoin. Investors should monitor this evolving scenario closely, weighing the benefits of early entry against the potential advantages of waiting for more definitive market movements.

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