Bitcoin OGs and Paper BTC Drive Market Downturn, Says Willy Woo

  • Bitcoin’s current price drawdown is the result of multiple market forces.
  • Early long-term BTC holders, or Bitcoin OGs, are significantly affecting the market.
  • Renowned on-chain analyst Willy Woo highlights the rising influence of futures markets.

Discover the underlying factors affecting Bitcoin’s price, including insights from top analysts on current trends and future outlooks.

The Influence of Bitcoin OGs on Market Dynamics

Renowned on-chain analyst Willy Woo recently discussed how Bitcoin OGs, early adopters with substantial holdings, have been selling off their BTC, contributing significantly to the downward pressure on Bitcoin prices. Woo emphasizes that this group’s influence cannot be ignored, given their collective holdings of Bitcoinā€”a volume reportedly ten times greater than all Bitcoin ETFs combined. Historically, the trend among these OGs has been to sell during bull markets, starting from Bitcoin’s earliest days.

The Role of “Paper BTC” in Market Activity

Woo delves further into the effect of futures markets or “paper BTC” on Bitcoin’s current market dynamics. As he explains, the rise of synthetic Bitcoin trading allows market participants to engage in Bitcoin transactions without actually holding the underlying asset. This shift has resulted in the diversion of demand from spot BTC to paper BTC. With traders backing positions with USD instead of actual Bitcoin, the market’s reaction to buying pressures is now more subdued compared to Bitcoin’s early years, when the primary sellers were OGs and miners.

Impact of Futures Markets on Recent Trends

Woo’s analysis extends to recent market trends, citing how the 2022 bear market was driven mainly by an influx of paper BTC, even though spot holders weren’t selling significantly. Similarly, during the current bull market, increases in paper BTC volume have led to stagnant price movements. Woo emphasizes that understanding these trends involves interpreting various data points, which requires more art than science.

Altcoin Market Insights from Crypto Michaƫl

Crypto analyst MichaĆ«l van de Poppe, also known as “Crypto MichaĆ«l,” recently examined the reasons behind the current altcoin crash and shared his market outlook. Notably, some major altcoins have experienced declines of over 40% in two weeks, with on-chain altcoins plummeting by more than 70%. MichaĆ«l attributes this downturn to the inherent volatility of altcoins, often characterized by rapid gains followed by sharp corrections.

Spot Ethereum ETFs and Market Sentiment

A primary factor impacting the altcoin market, according to MichaĆ«l, is the ongoing uncertainty surrounding spot Ethereum ETFs in the U.S. Despite the SEC’s approval, these ETFs are not yet listed, creating confusion and negatively impacting sentiment. The two-part approval process involves 19b-4 forms, covering technical details and SEC compliance, and S1 forms associated with the actual exchanges listing the ETFs. MichaĆ«l believes that finally listing these ETFs would likely classify Ethereum as a commodity, similar to Bitcoin, potentially attracting more institutional investment.

Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Altcoins

MichaĆ«l also discusses recent macroeconomic data, including the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producer Price Index (PPI), both of which showed lower-than-expected inflation. Initially, this trend hinted at a possible end to rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, but the Fed’s hawkish stance has continued to create uncertainty. MichaĆ«l notes that altcoins typically thrive in low-interest-rate and high-liquidity environments, conditions currently unmet.

The Role of the U.S. Dollar and Interest Rates

Michaƫl highlights the strength of the U.S. dollar and its negative impact on cryptocurrencies. A strong dollar generally weakens performance in risk-on assets like cryptocurrencies. He further mentions that recent rate cuts by the European Central Bank (ECB) have bolstered the dollar, adding pressure on the crypto market.


Despite the bearish trends, Michaƫl remains optimistic about a potential market reversal. He anticipates that the U.S. listing of spot Ethereum ETFs could be a significant catalyst for a bullish breakout. Historical patterns, such as the price action following Bitcoin ETF approvals, suggest that initial corrections could lead to substantial gains. Finally, he underscores the importance of Bitcoin dominance and its impact on altcoins, indicating that a reversal in Bitcoin dominance could trigger a new altcoin rally.

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