Bitcoin Price Struggles to Stay Above $64K After Recent Decline

  • The recent price performance of Bitcoin remains disappointing as the crypto asset failed to sustain gains above $66,400 and saw declines towards $64,000 multiple times this week.
  • Altcoins have mirrored Bitcoin’s bearish trend, with significant drops noted across various assets, particularly in the meme coin segment.
  • Market analysts are closely observing these movements, highlighting the increased volatility and its impact on investors’ sentiment.

Bitcoin slumps to new lows while altcoins struggle; market volatility persists.

Bitcoin’s Retreat to $64,000

Bitcoin’s price action has been lackluster lately, facing challenges in maintaining upward momentum. After reaching highs near $70,000 last week, Bitcoin’s inability to break through resulted in sharp downturns, dipping below $65,000. Over the weekend, Bitcoin attempted to recover, hovering just above $66,000, but bearish forces once again pushed it down to $64,000 at the week’s start.

Despite brief rallies, the crypto giant faced repeated rejections around the $66,500 mark, showing weakness and once more struggling to hold above $64,000.

Altcoins Face Steeper Declines

Altcoins have not been spared from the bearish trend plaguing the market. Ethereum, for instance, dropped over 3%, failing to sustain the $3,500 support level. Binance Coin followed suit with a similar percentage drop, trading at around $583.

Other major cryptocurrencies like Solana, Shiba Inu, Polkadot, Chainlink, XRP, Dogecoin, and Cardano also faced downward pressures, intensifying the bearish outlook. The meme coin segment has particularly suffered, with assets like WIF, JASMY, BONK, BRETT, PEPE, and FLOKI experiencing significant declines—some losing over 8% in a single day.

Market Cap and Investor Sentiment

Continuous outflows from Bitcoin ETFs have contributed to these downward pressures. Recent withdrawals totaled around $140 million, with GBTC surpassing FBTC in outflows for the first time in several days. Bitcoin’s market capitalization has dropped to approximately $1.265 trillion, though its dominance has marginally increased to 51.5% due to sharper declines in altcoins.

The overall market sentiment remains cautious, with the cumulative market cap of all crypto assets erasing around $50 billion in just one day.


This volatile phase in the cryptocurrency market highlights the fragility of investor confidence and the susceptibility of digital assets to rapid shifts. The current trend underscores the importance of cautious trading and thorough market analysis. While Bitcoin and altcoins are struggling, the market remains a dynamic and evolving landscape, where strategic decisions can make significant impacts on investment outcomes.

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