Bitcoin Reacts to Federal Reserve’s Decision to Maintain Interest Rates Amid Inflation Concerns

  • The Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it would not change its policy interest rate despite increasing political pressure to change course.
  • In a press release, the Federal Reserve declared that job growth and economic expansion have “remained strong” while inflation has only seen “modest progress” towards its 2% target.
  • This decision follows the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releasing its latest inflation CPI inflation figures, showing an annualized inflation of 3.3% in May, which was slightly above expectations.

The Federal Reserve has decided to keep interest rates unchanged amidst political pressure, reflecting ongoing economic resilience and modest inflation progress.

No Rate Cuts Yet, Says Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve has maintained its current policy interest rate, citing strong job growth and economic expansion, coupled with modest progress in controlling inflation towards its 2% goal.

“The Committee would be prepared to adjust the stance of monetary policy as appropriate if risks emerge that could impede the attainment of the Committee’s goals,” the statement read.

This decision comes on the heels of the latest inflation figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which indicate an annualized inflation rate of 3.3% for May. This is slightly higher than the 3.4% inflation reading recorded in April and marginally above the forecasted figures.

According to the BLS, notable price increases in May included housing, medical care, used cars and trucks, and education, while costs in sectors like new vehicles, communication, and recreation saw declines within the same period.

A lower inflation reading points to the Federal Reserve potentially nearing its 2% inflation target, which could pave the way for future interest rate cuts. Historically, this scenario has been positive for both the stock and crypto markets, as lower borrowing costs tend to drive investment.

Bitcoin’s Price Reaction

Bitcoin saw a 3% surge on Wednesday morning following the release of the May CPI figures but experienced a slight dip after the Federal Reserve’s announcement of no interest rate cuts, which was widely anticipated by the market.

While the Federal Reserve had previously indicated that reducing the target range for interest rates would not be appropriate in the near term, recent developments in June have spurred some speculation. Bitcoin surged on the news of the inflation print but softened after the Fed’s expected decision.

Interest rate cuts from the Bank of Canada and the European Central Bank, both lowering their main interest rates by 25 basis points citing improved inflation, have added to this speculation.

Additionally, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren urged Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to consider lowering rates in a letter sent on Tuesday. “Reducing rates will reduce the cost of renting, buying, and building housing, lowering Americans’ single highest monthly expense,” Warren argued.


The Federal Reserve’s stance on keeping interest rates unchanged underscores its commitment to balancing economic growth with inflation control. While this move reassures markets about economic stability, it also suggests caution and vigilance in monetary policy adjustments. Future inflation data and external economic factors will likely continue to influence the Fed’s decisions. For investors, this means closely watching policy signals that could impact both traditional financial markets and cryptocurrencies.

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