Bitcoin’s Favorable July: Crypto Analyst Miles Deutscher’s Top Altcoin Picks and Market Insights

  • Crypto analyst Miles Deutscher recently delivered an in-depth analysis of the current crypto market, revealing his top altcoin selections for July 2024.
  • Deutscher analyzed Bitcoin’s historical performance, highlighting a notable contrast in returns between June and July.
  • He also provided key insights into market cycles, Bitcoin’s technical analysis, and upcoming catalysts, accompanied by his preferred altcoin picks.

Discover Miles Deutscher’s expert analysis on the current crypto market, including his top altcoin picks for July 2024 and essential market insights.

Analyzing July’s Historical Bitcoin Performance

Deutscher kicked off his analysis by delving into Bitcoin’s historical performance patterns. Over the past five years, June has predominantly yielded negative averages of -6.96% for Bitcoin. In contrast, July has displayed a more promising average return of +7.39%. Although July shows better performance, Deutscher warns of the cyclical nature that often brings weaker market behavior in August and September.

Understanding Quarterly Returns and Market Trends

Deutscher expanded his analysis to seasonal trends, noting that Q3 generally shows the weakest quarterly performance with an average return of 5.87%. In comparison, Q1 and Q4 are recounted as the quarters with the most robust returns. Such knowledge about quarterly trends gives investors a strategic edge in positioning within the market’s rhythm.

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis

Shifting to a technical lens, Deutscher emphasized the key $60K support level for Bitcoin. Despite facing liquidation pressures, Bitcoin’s ability to hold this level suggests substantial buying interest. He advises that while buying during low ranges is often rewarding, it demands mental resilience against prevailing market sentiments.

Upcoming Catalysts in the Crypto Market

Deutscher identified several upcoming events that could influence the crypto market significantly. These include the potential approval of an Ethereum spot ETF, the distribution of $16 billion to FTX users, and the dynamic activities within the meme coin space. According to Deutscher, these catalysts could trigger notable market movements offering unique trading opportunities.

Top Altcoin Selections for July 2024

Deutscher shared his top altcoin picks for July, chosen based on their narrative strength, market catalysts, and favorable price levels.

1. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is highlighted for its liquidity and comparatively lower volatility. The buzz surrounding the potential Ethereum spot ETF is cited as a key bullish factor.

2. Pendle (PENDLE)

Pendle is noted for its involvement in real-world assets and liquid staking. Despite recent price drops related to market expiries, Deutscher sees it as an attractive buying opportunity.

3. Ondo (ONDO)

Ondo is valued for scalping trades, with Deutscher recommending a watchful eye on support levels around $1 and $3.20.

4. Pepe (PEPE)

Pepe’s strong meme value and potential for notable price gains during bullish market phases make it a standout in Deutscher’s portfolio.

5. Solana (SOL)

Solana is appreciated for its integral role in the meme coin ecosystem and its resilience during market liquidations.

6. Prime (PRIME)

Prime is seen as a compelling long-term hold, largely due to its connections to AI and the gaming industry.

7. Bittensor (TAO)

Bittensor’s dominance in the AI sector positions it as a strong candidate for significant market gains, with Deutscher suggesting it could easily quadruple in value.

Additional Market Insights

Deutscher also touched upon other interesting narratives and altcoins such as Everclear (NEXT) and Lingo (LNGO). He highlighted the critical importance of chain abstraction and predicted a bullish trend for utility-based coins in the future.

Effective Market Strategy

Deutscher advises maintaining a disciplined approach during market fluctuations. He recommends accumulating during significant sell-offs and capitalizing on profit during rallies. His market strategy hinges on countering prevailing sentiment and aiming for long-term benefits.


Miles Deutscher’s analysis provides a comprehensive view of the crypto market’s current landscape and future opportunities. By understanding historical trends, upcoming catalysts, and adopting a disciplined market approach, investors can strategically position themselves for potential gains. His top altcoin picks, supported by robust narratives and market positioning, offer valuable insights for July 2024 and beyond.

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