Bitcoin’s Post-Halving Peak: JPMorgan Predicts No New Highs Amid Volatile Market Conditions

  • Bitcoin’s ongoing post-halving cycle has sparked debates regarding its potential to reach new highs.
  • Recent analysis from JPMorgan indicates that Bitcoin may have already maxed out in terms of value and trading volumes.
  • Despite substantial initial gains, Bitcoin has struggled to maintain its bullish trajectory.

Discover whether Bitcoin can make a comeback or if the peak is already behind us in this detailed analysis.

JPMorgan’s Sobering Analysis on Bitcoin’s Viability

According to a recent report by JPMorgan, the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has already reached its peak valuation of $73,737 on March 14. This was primarily driven by the successful initiation of several Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, subsequent attempts to reclaim this figure have been unsuccessful, signaling potential challenges ahead for Bitcoin bulls.

Factors Contributing to Bitcoin’s Decline

Various elements have contributed to Bitcoin’s recent underperformance compared to the U.S. equities market. Key issues include the extensive repayment process from the Mt. Gox shutdown and large-scale sales initiated by the German government. Additionally, Bitcoin ETFs experienced significant outflows, amounting to $662 million in June, which further impacted market confidence.

Market Sentiment: Divergent Views and Predictions

Despite JPMorgan’s cautious outlook, some market analysts remain optimistic. For instance, Tom Lee from Fundstrat continues to stand by his prediction of Bitcoin reaching $150,000. Renowned commodity trader Peter Brandt also believes that this target could be achievable by 2025, offering a bullish counter-perspective.

Signs of Potential Recovery

Encouraging signs suggest that the bearish trend might reverse. On July 8, Bitcoin spot ETFs recorded inflows of $295 million, indicating renewed investor interest. Such movements could potentially pave the way for a market recovery. However, sustained momentum is essential to turn these signals into long-term gains.


The future of Bitcoin remains uncertain amidst conflicting analyses and market behaviors. While JPMorgan’s caution highlights the challenges, other experts suggest that the cryptocurrency still holds substantial growth potential. Investors must weigh these varying insights carefully to navigate the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency investments.

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Lucien Renard
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