Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuations and the Impact of U.S. Federal Reserve’s Policies

  • Bitcoin’s price has been on a downward trend, starting September below $26,000.
  • U.S. corporations are accumulating Bitcoin ahead of the Federal Reserve’s upcoming Interest Rates meeting.
  • The Coinbase Premium Index indicates an increase in buying pressure from U.S.-based institutional investors, which could influence Bitcoin’s price.

As Bitcoin’s price dips, U.S. corporations are increasing their Bitcoin holdings, potentially influencing the cryptocurrency’s value. This trend is observed ahead of the Federal Reserve’s Interest Rates meeting.

Bitcoin’s Price and the Influence of Federal Reserve Policies

Bitcoin’s price has not had a positive start to September, dipping below $26,000 once again. However, a crucial on-chain indicator reveals increasing bullish pressure from U.S.-based whale investors.

U.S. Corporations Accumulating Bitcoin Ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting

The U.S. Federal Reserve is set to announce new Interest Rates on September 19. With only ten days left to this critical monetary policy meeting, U.S.-based corporations seem to be accumulating Bitcoin. Could this trigger a price increase for Bitcoin in the coming days?

As the next Fed meeting approaches rapidly, a crucial on-chain indicator shows that U.S. institutional investors are increasing their buying pressure. CryptoQuant’s Coinbase Premium Index, which shows the percentage difference between Bitcoin prices on Coinbase Pro and Binance spot markets, indicates this trend.

While Binance dominates the global individual spot market, Coinbase Pro is predominantly controlled by U.S.-based corporations and high net worth investors. Therefore, positive values of the Premium Index indicate an increase in buying pressure on Coinbase by U.S. investors. The graph shows that the Coinbase Premium Index reached positive values for the first time this month on September 7. However, the last time the Coinbase index rose above 0.80 was around March 2023, which was followed by a price increase towards the 2023 peak of $30,500.

Crucial Data on Bitcoin

Numerically, the BTC spot trading volume on September 2 was 14,230 BTC. At the close on September 7, a total of 32,632 BTC was traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This represents a 130% increase in spot market volumes within a week. Generally, in bear markets, spot trading volumes decrease as investors close their positions. Therefore, the increasing BTC spot volumes during the current steady price movement could mean that liquidity and investor interest are returning to the market. This increased liquidity could help Bitcoin investors to efficiently execute their orders while maintaining stable prices in the coming days.

Furthermore, past data trends show that sudden increases in BTC spot trading volumes usually occur before the recent Bitcoin price increases. Consequently, the buying pressure from U.S.-based whales and the increase in BTC Spot trading volume could trigger a price increase for Bitcoin.


In conclusion, the current trends in Bitcoin’s price, the buying pressure from U.S. corporations, and the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting could all play a significant role in the future value of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors should keep a close eye on these factors and their potential impact on Bitcoin’s price.

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