BlockDAG ($BDAG) Presale Surpasses $25M, Eclipsing Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Avalanche ($AVAX) in Piccadilly Circus Showcase

  • BlockDAG, a rising star in the crypto world, has made a bold statement in Piccadilly Circus with a vibrant display, as its presale approaches a staggering $25M.
  • The crypto startup has managed to outshine established cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Avalanche.
  • “Our goal is to revolutionize the blockchain industry, and we’re thrilled by the overwhelming support we’ve received,” said BlockDAG CEO.

BlockDAG, a promising crypto startup, is making waves with its presale nearing $25M, outperforming established cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Avalanche. The company has also made a splash with a vibrant display in Piccadilly Circus.

BlockDAG’s Impressive Presale Performance

BlockDAG has been making headlines with its impressive presale performance. The crypto startup has managed to raise nearly $25M, a feat that has put it in the spotlight. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the stiff competition in the crypto market, with established players like Dogecoin and Avalanche.

Outshining Established Cryptocurrencies

Despite being a newcomer, BlockDAG has managed to outshine established cryptocurrencies. The company’s innovative approach and robust technology have been key drivers of its success. The crypto startup has leveraged Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, which offers significant advantages over traditional blockchain technology, including faster transactions and lower fees.

BlockDAG’s Vibrant Display in Piccadilly Circus

Adding to its impressive presale performance, BlockDAG has also made a bold statement with a vibrant display in Piccadilly Circus. The display, which featured the company’s logo and key messages, was a clear indication of the company’s ambition and confidence.


BlockDAG’s impressive presale performance and its vibrant display in Piccadilly Circus are clear indications of the company’s potential. With its innovative approach and robust technology, the crypto startup is well-positioned to revolutionize the blockchain industry. As the presale continues, all eyes will be on BlockDAG to see how it continues to navigate the competitive crypto market.

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