Boost Your Crypto Portfolio: TrueUSD (TUSD) Launches Zero-Fee Trading on Bitci as Turkey Embraces Stablecoins

  • TrueUSD (TUSD) collaborates with Bitci to launch a zero-fee trading campaign, enhancing the appeal of TUSD in the Turkish market.
  • The campaign focuses on the TUSD/TRY trading pair, coinciding with a surge in stablecoin adoption in Türkiye.
  • “This initiative is pivotal in fostering broader cryptocurrency adoption and enhancing user experience,” notes Yvonne Chia, Head of Communication at TUSD.

Explore the strategic partnership between TrueUSD and Bitci that aims to revolutionize the stablecoin market in Türkiye.

Türkiye’s Increasing Role in Global Stablecoin Market

The collaboration between TrueUSD and Bitci is set against the backdrop of Türkiye’s rapidly expanding role in the global cryptocurrency landscape, particularly in the stablecoin sector. This partnership leverages Türkiye’s growing market dynamics to enhance liquidity and trading efficiency without transaction fees.

Impact of Zero-Fee Trading on Market Dynamics

The zero-fee trading initiative for TUSD/TRY not only makes trading more accessible but also positions TUSD as a competitive player in the stablecoin market. This move is expected to attract a broader user base, contributing to increased volume and enhanced liquidity.

Analysis of Stablecoin Adoption in Türkiye

Stablecoin adoption in Türkiye has seen a significant uptick, driven by the local economic context and the global shift towards digital currencies. The integration of stablecoins like TUSD into mainstream trading platforms reflects a strategic response to the demand for more stable investment alternatives amidst local currency fluctuations.

Economic Factors Influencing Stablecoin Popularity

Factors such as inflation and currency devaluation play a crucial role in the pivot towards stablecoins in Türkiye. As residents seek stability, the allure of stablecoins increases, making campaigns like zero-fee trading particularly appealing.

Future Outlook for TUSD and Stablecoin Initiatives

As TUSD continues to expand its presence on global exchanges and integrates innovative technologies like Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve, the future looks promising for TUSD’s adoption and utility in Türkiye and beyond.


The partnership between TrueUSD and Bitci, highlighted by the zero-fee trading campaign, marks a significant milestone in the adoption and utilization of stablecoins in Türkiye. This initiative not only benefits users by reducing trading costs but also enhances the overall stability and reliability of the cryptocurrency market in the region.

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