Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Alerts Crypto Community to Legacy Finance’s Growing Threat

Cardano Co-Founder, Charles Hoskinson, voices concerns over traditional finance's influence in crypto, warning of a shift towards centralization that could undermine the sector's foundational principles.

Arthur Hayes Critiques Altcoins: Cardano, The First “Wannabe Ethereum”?

This article explores Arthur Hayes' critical views on Cardano and the broader altcoin market, emphasizing the necessity for substance over promotional tactics in the crypto space.

Cardano (ADA) Foundation Announces New Product: Strengthening Cardano TVLs!

Cardano Foundation introduced its new product in its announcement: What does Cardano aim for with its new product? Details!

Blockchain Innovation Unleashed: A Week of Breakthroughs and Partnerships

This article delves into the latest breakthroughs and strategic alliances in the blockchain realm, highlighting their potential impact on the future of decentralized technology and digital finance.

Cardano’s (ADA) Golden Cross: A False Dawn for Investors?

Cardano's (ADA) recent golden cross, a usually bullish indicator, falls short of market expectations as ADA enters a correction phase, highlighting the complexities of cryptocurrency market signals.

Altcoins Surge in Sync with Rally of Bitcoin: A New Chapter in Crypto Investment

Discover how altcoins are gaining momentum in the crypto market, tracking Bitcoin's climb and signaling a potential shift in investor sentiment towards broader crypto investments.

Cardano’s Hoskinson Clashes with Ripple’s CTO: A Tussle of Ethics and Regulation

Cardano's Hoskinson and Ripple's CTO go head-to-head, questioning the SEC's decision on digital assets, raising questions of favoritism and corruption within the crypto sphere.

Cardano Price Prediction: Where Could It Initiate the Bullish Trend?

Cardano's price chart exhibits upward or downward trends depending on whether it closes below the blue support zone with 2-hour candles or not. These support levels and closures provide essential signals for investors.

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