Bybit Surpasses Coinbase to Become Second-Largest Crypto Exchange amid Binance Regulatory Woes

  • Bybit has climbed the ranks, overtaking Coinbase to become the second-largest crypto exchange globally, according to a recent report from Kaiko.
  • The report highlights Bybit’s market share growth, jumping from 8% to 16% since October, now trailing only Binance.
  • Key factors include Binance’s regulatory challenges and Bybit’s innovative trading offerings, which have significantly boosted its market position.

Discover how Bybit’s strategic maneuvers and the shifting crypto landscape have reshaped the competitive dynamics of the exchange market.

The Soaring Ascent of Bybit

The period saw modest growth for Coinbase, with only a 1% increase in market share and revenue. Contrastingly, Bybit’s rise can be partly attributed to Binance’s regulatory challenges, which have caused its market share to fall from 60% to 54%. Analysts from Kaiko suggest that Bybit seized this opportunity to attract more users.

Furthermore, in a landmark decision on November 21, 2023, U.S. officials finalized a $4.3 billion settlement with Binance due to Anti-Money Laundering breaches — one of the heftiest fines imposed in U.S. history. This occurrence has evidently steered a segment of Binance’s clientele towards Bybit, bolstering its user base and trading volume.

Changes in the Crypto Exchange Landscape

The crypto exchange ecosystem has been notably volatile. In June 2023, the SEC initiated legal actions against Coinbase and Binance over securities infringements. Allegations against Binance entailed the potential misuse of billions in user funds, a claim that remains unverified. Despite these hurdles, Binance continues to dominate as the largest crypto exchange by trading volume. Meanwhile, Bybit’s strategic decisions, such as the no-fee trading for Circle’s USDC stablecoin introduced in February 2023, have stimulated user engagement and trading volume.

Crucial Takeaways for Crypto Users

The recent developments offer several insights for users:

• Bybit’s fee structure is competitive with market giants like Binance and OKX.

• The zero-fee trading option for USDC has been a game-changer, ramping up trading activities.

• Regulatory woes faced by Binance have inadvertently benefited Bybit, altering market shares.

• Regulatory scrutiny profoundly influences market behavior and user choices.

Ben Zhou, Bybit’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized the exchange’s dedication to maintaining low fees and providing a secure trading environment. He highlighted features like the Unified Trading Account, which has struck a positive chord with Bybit’s user community, further solidifying its marketplace presence.


In summary, Bybit’s strategic decisions and aggressive pricing have not only allowed it to surpass Coinbase but also to capture a more significant share of the crypto exchange market. With ongoing innovations and a keen eye on regulatory landscapes, Bybit is poised to remain a formidable contender in the evolving crypto exchange arena. Looking forward, users and analysts will be closely monitoring how these dynamics continue to play out.

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