Coinbase Expands Portfolio: JUP, TNSR, JTO Perpetual Futures to be Listed – A New Era for Crypto Trading

  • Coinbase International announces the listing of new perpetual futures for Jupiter (JUP), Tensor (TNSR), and Jito (JTO) on May 16, 2024.
  • This move expands Coinbase’s altcoin derivatives market, following the successful listing of AR, HBAR, and THETA futures.
  • The announcement has affected the market prices of the altcoins, with JUP gaining 5.35%, TNSR increasing by 3.6%, and JTO experiencing a 3.09% dip.

Coinbase International is set to list new perpetual futures for JUP, TNSR, and JTO, expanding its crypto offerings and impacting the market prices of these altcoins.

Coinbase’s Expansion of Altcoin Derivatives Market

Coinbase International, the global futures trading platform of the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, plans to list three new altcoins in perpetual futures contracts. Jupiter (JUP), Tensor (TNSR), and Jito (JTO) perpetual futures will become available for trading on Coinbase International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced starting on or after 09:30 UTC on May 16, 2024.

New Perpetual Futures Contracts

These new futures contracts reflect Coinbase’s strategic effort to provide a diversified trading experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and institutional investors. Limit, market, stop, and stop limit order types will be available to traders on Coinbase’s futures platform. The JTO-PERP, JUP-PERP, and TNSR-PERP market launches are anticipated to offer opportunities for speculators and hedgers in various assets.

Impact on Altcoin Market Prices

The news of these new listings has affected the trading activities of the listed altcoins. Jupiter (JUP) reported a 5.35% gain in the last 24 hours, backed by a trading volume exceeding $132 million. Meanwhile, Jito (JTO) experienced a 3.09% dip in its trading price, and Tensor (TNSR) reported a positive 3.60% price movement.


Coinbase International’s decision to list new perpetual futures for JUP, TNSR, and JTO expands its altcoin derivatives market and provides more trading options for crypto enthusiasts and institutional investors. The announcement has also influenced the market prices of these altcoins, highlighting the significant impact of such listings on the crypto market.

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