Coinbase Lists Stader (SD): Token Value Surges Over 100%, Market Cap Hits $30.8M

  • Recently, Coinbase announced the listing of Stader (SD) on their exchange, sending waves through the crypto market.
  • This listing not only benefits Stader but also enhances Coinbase’s growing influence in the cryptocurrency sphere.
  • In a noteworthy move, the Stader token saw its value skyrocket by over 100% following the announcement.

Discover how Coinbase’s recent announcement to list Stader (SD) has impacted its market value and what it means for the broader crypto ecosystem.

Coinbase Announces Stader (SD) Listing: Market Reactions

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed plans to list the Stader (SD) token, igniting substantial excitement among investors and enthusiasts alike. The announcement has notably propelled Stader’s market dynamics, reflecting the considerable influence Coinbase wields within the digital currency market.

Market Performance and Price Surge

In the wake of the listing announcement, Stader (SD) experienced an impressive spike in its price. Initially trading at significantly lower values, the token’s price surged more than 100%, peaking at $0.8507 before slightly retracting to $0.7296. This move represents a 79.46% increase within a single day and a 15.38% growth over the past seven days, underscoring the bullish sentiment surrounding the token. Increased trading volumes reached $6.6 million in 24 hours, pushing Stader’s market capitalization to approximately $30.8 million with a circulating supply of 41 million tokens.

Implications of Stader’s Listing on Coinbase

The listing of Stader on Coinbase is a crucial milestone for Stader Labs, the project behind the token. As the primary cryptocurrency for governance and transaction fees within the Stader ecosystem, the listing enhances its visibility and utility. Additionally, being listed on a reputed exchange like Coinbase can lead to increased adoption and integration of Stader within the broader crypto market.

Coinbase’s Strategic Expansion and Partnerships

Beyond token listings, Coinbase has been actively expanding its services through strategic partnerships and agreements. Noteworthy among these is the $32.5 million custody contract with the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) for managing large-cap digital assets. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the adoption of blockchain technology by government institutions, showcasing Coinbase’s reliable custodial services. Furthermore, Coinbase’s role as a custodian for major Bitcoin ETFs, including VanEck’s HODL Bitcoin ETF, underscores its increasing credibility and influence. This position as a trusted custodian for several leading Bitcoin ETFs further solidifies its reputation in the institutional investment community.


The announcement of Stader (SD) being listed on Coinbase marks a significant development for both Stader and Coinbase. Stader’s remarkable price surge post-announcement highlights the profound impact such listings can have on a token’s market performance. For Coinbase, the continuous expansion through strategic contracts and custodial services means an ever-growing influence in the cryptocurrency space. Investors and crypto enthusiasts should keep an eye on the ongoing developments as they could signal broader trends within the market.

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