Dogecoin Rallies 15% To Reclaim $0.1 Support Despite Whale Selloff

  • Dogecoin stages a remarkable recovery, regaining the pivotal $0.1 support level.
  • The surge follows a significant selloff by leading Dogecoin whales amid market turbulence.
  • A notable 15% increase in DOGE’s price sparks conversations about its future trajectory.

Learn about Dogecoin’s recent price recovery despite significant whale selloffs, and understand the implications of these movements on the broader crypto market.

Dogecoin Rallies After Major Whale Selloff

Dogecoin, the popular meme cryptocurrency, has experienced a substantial recovery, regaining its crucial $0.1 support level with a notable 15% surge. This increase comes on the heels of a significant selloff by major Dogecoin holders, known as “whales,” who offloaded over 500 million DOGE to various exchanges. This massive liquidation occurred during a widespread market crash, adding to the existing volatility.

Whale Activity and Market Repercussions

Reports from Whale Alert, an on-chain transaction tracker, identified two large transactions involving Dogecoin whales. The first transaction involved a transfer of 370 million DOGE, valued at approximately $39.34 million, to Binance. An additional transfer of 137 million DOGE, worth around $13.9 million, was moved to Robinhood. These significant movements have fueled various speculations within the crypto community regarding the intentions of these large-scale investors.

Analysts are divided on the motivations behind these selloffs. Some suggest that the whales were reacting to the broader market downturn and engaging in panic selling to mitigate potential losses. Conversely, others believe these investors might have been capitalizing on the recent price recovery to book profits.

Market Dynamics and Price Performance

The timing of these whale activities has intensified speculative conversations within the crypto market. During the broader market correction, the selloff of over 500 million DOGE coincided with Dogecoin’s decline to its lowest point since late February. However, the quick rebound to $0.1 illustrates Dogecoin’s resilience and the strong support from its community of retail and smaller investors.

Implications for the Dogecoin Market

Experts note that large-scale whale movements can significantly influence market dynamics, leading to price fluctuations and increased volatility. The recent DOGE scenario is a testament to this. However, Dogecoin’s ability to recover quickly suggests that there is robust support for the meme coin, helping it regain lost ground despite the pressure from significant selloffs.

Currently, Dogecoin is experiencing a rally, trading at $0.1082, reflecting a 14.68% increase. Its trading volume has dropped by nearly 35% to $1.06 billion. In the last 24 hours, DOGE’s price fluctuated between a low of $0.09415 and a high of $0.1092, highlighting the volatile nature of the market. Additionally, CoinGlass data indicated that Dogecoin Futures Open Interest rose by nearly 7% to $523.3 million, showcasing a heightened market interest in Dogecoin.


Dogecoin’s recent price recovery, despite major whale selloffs, underscores its resilience and the strong backing from its community. The notable 15% surge suggests growing market confidence in Dogecoin. As speculation continues regarding the motives behind large-scale selloffs, it remains crucial to monitor future movements and their impact on Dogecoin’s market dynamics. Investors and market observers should stay vigilant and keep an eye on further developments in the crypto space.

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