Ethena Labs Revamps ENA Tokenomics to Enhance Utility and Drive Adoption

  • Ethena Labs, a developer of synthetic dollar protocols, is revising the tokenomics of its native token, ENA, to enhance its utility within the ecosystem.
  • The company’s primary objective is to provide a crypto-native solution for currency through its synthetic dollar, USDe, circumventing the need for traditional banking systems.
  • Ethena offers an innovative financial instrument known as “the Internet Bond,” which is denominated in dollars, adding another layer of utility.

Ethena Labs revamps ENA tokenomics to strengthen its utility and integrates with multiple DeFi protocols for improved yield opportunities.

Ethena Labs Revamps ENA Tokenomics for Enhanced Utility

Ethena Labs has announced a significant update to the tokenomics of its native asset, ENA, with the aim of increasing its utility within the ecosystem. This adjustment is part of Ethena’s broader objective to offer a crypto-native monetary solution that is independent of the traditional banking system, utilizing their proprietary synthetic dollar known as USDe.

Innovative Financial Instruments and DeFi Integration

On top of the synthetic dollar, Ethena provides a unique financial instrument called “the Internet Bond,” which is denominated in US dollars. This bond offers users additional avenues for earning and storing value within the crypto ecosystem. The ENA token itself can currently be locked within Ethena to potentially enhance future rewards or in Pendle, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that allows tokenizing and selling future yields.

Restaking Pools and Cross-Chain Security

Ethena Labs plans to leverage generalized restaking pools for staked ENA in its next phase. The initial use case is to offer economic security for cross-chain transfers of USDe via the LayerZero DVN-based messaging system. This development is expected to form the first of several infrastructure layers related to the forthcoming Ethena Chain, alongside financial applications built on this chain, which will utilize restaked ENA modules.

Airdrop Requirements and Future Outlook

Looking ahead, any user who receives ENA tokens through airdrops will be mandated to lock a minimum of 50% of the claimable tokens into Ethena, Pendle, or generalized restaking pools for staked ENA. This requirement aims to ensure sustained participation and increased security within the ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Ethena Labs successfully raised $14 million in a seed extension round. Prominent investors in this round included BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes, investment behemoth Franklin Templeton, digital asset manager Galaxy Digital, and Binance Labs. With ENA currently trading at $0.653, the future looks promising as Ethena continues to innovate and expand its offerings.


Ethena Labs’ comprehensive update to ENA tokenomics and its strategic integration with DeFi protocols underline its commitment to enhancing the token’s utility and stability. By mandating token locks for airdrop recipients and leveraging restaking pools, Ethena aims to solidify its position in the crypto space while offering robust financial solutions. Investors and users should keep a close eye on these developments as Ethena continues to pave the way for innovative, crypto-native financial instruments.

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