Europe Dominates New Crypto Startups as Regulatory Challenges Shift Market Dynamics

  • Blockchain innovations have significantly highlighted numerous cryptocurrency processes.
  • In the first half of 2024, Africa and Asia’s cryptocurrency ventures soared, capturing market share from the US and Canada amidst regulatory uncertainties.
  • Europe now leads in new cryptocurrency startups with substantial shares in the sector.

Dive into the dynamic shifts in the global cryptocurrency landscape with insights into market trends, regional influences, and regulatory impacts.

Europe and Asia Lead Cryptocurrency Startups Amid US Regulatory Challenges

Recent data from the blockchain accelerator Alliance reveals that Europe has surpassed the US and Canada in the number of new cryptocurrency startups, claiming a 31.4% market share. Closely following, Asia secures a 26.8% share, underscoring a remarkable shift in the landscape of crypto innovations. According to experts like Qiao Wang and Chloexyg from Alliance DAO, regulatory uncertainties in the US and the broader adoption of crypto technologies in emerging markets are driving this trend.

Africa’s Emerging Influence in the Crypto Market

Africa has also seen significant growth, with its share rising to 5.2%, just behind Latin America. This surge highlights the continent’s increasing role in the global cryptocurrency arena. In contrast, Oceania, primarily comprising Australia and New Zealand, accounts for only a 1.8% share of the total crypto ventures observed in the first half of the year. Alliance’s annual data, compiled from 3,000 applications for its startup acceleration program, offers a unique perspective on these evolving market dynamics.

Regulatory Impacts on Cryptocurrency Ventures

Regulatory uncertainties have prompted several self-custody service providers, such as Phoenix Wallet and Wasabi Wallet, to withdraw from the US market, compelling firms to explore opportunities elsewhere. The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s hardline stance has drawn substantial criticism, influencing the geographic distribution of startups. Additionally, Alliance’s analysis suggests a significant decline—more than 15%—in the number of startup founders hailing from major tech companies since 2021. Similarly, there has been a downward trend in founders from leading global universities. Currently, approximately 39% of crypto startups are founded by a single individual, while 51% consist of teams of 2-5 members.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Markets

The shifts in the global cryptocurrency market underscore the profound impact of regional regulatory frameworks and market adoption trends. Europe’s dominance, coupled with the rising influence of Africa and Asia, points to a diversifying global market. As cryptocurrency adoption continues to expand, these regions are likely to play increasingly pivotal roles. The data also highlights the changing profiles of startup founders, suggesting evolving dynamics in the sector’s innovation ecosystem.


In conclusion, the current state of the cryptocurrency market is one of rapid evolution and diversification. With Europe and Asia taking the lead in new crypto ventures and Africa marking its presence, the industry’s future will likely be heavily influenced by these emerging regions. The regulatory landscape, particularly in the US, remains a critical factor shaping these trends. As we move forward, monitoring these shifts will provide valuable insights into the future direction of the global cryptocurrency market.

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