European Firms Express Growing Concern Over China’s Slowing Economy: A Shift in Market Confidence

  • China’s slowing economy is impacting foreign investment, with companies becoming increasingly cautious about expanding their operations in the country, according to a survey by the European Chamber of Commerce in China.
  • The survey found that the share of companies considering an expansion of their operations in China this year fell to 42%, the lowest ever recorded.
  • “The business outlook is the most pessimistic yet, with companies’ expectations for growth and profitability taking a hit, and concerns about competition intensifying,” the chamber said in its business confidence survey.

As China’s economy slows, foreign companies are reevaluating their expansion plans in the country, leading to a decline in foreign investment. This article explores the findings of a recent survey by the European Chamber of Commerce in China.

Slowing Economy Deters Foreign Investment

The slowing Chinese economy is now the dominant concern for respondents to the European Chamber of Commerce in China survey. Long-standing complaints about regulations and practices that favor Chinese competitors or create uncertainty have been compounded by the weaker economy, eroding business confidence. Jens Eskelund, the president of the European Chamber, stated that these pressures are beginning to impact investment decisions and the development of the local market.

Government Initiatives and Economic Growth

The Chinese government is launching programs to boost consumer spending, but confidence remains low due to a weak job market. Economic growth was faster than expected at a 5.3% annual pace in the first three months of the year, but much of this growth came from government spending on infrastructure and investment in factories and equipment. However, massive investment in industries such as solar power panels and electric cars has led to intense price competition, squeezing profits.

Companies Considering Moving Investments

Close to 40% of companies said they have moved or are considering moving future investments out of China. Southeast Asia and Europe are the biggest beneficiaries, followed by India and North America. Nearly 60% said they are sticking with their investment plans for China, but that was down from last year. Eskelund stated, “It’s not that companies are giving up on China, it’s just that we are beginning to see other countries emerging as a serious competitor to China.”


The survey report concluded that “China’s allure as a top investment destination is fading” and warned that companies will pursue opportunities elsewhere unless there are improvements in the business environment. The proportion of companies that are optimistic about expanding their China business this year fell to about one-third, down from more than half in 2023. More than half expect to cut costs in China this year, including 26% who plan to reduce the size of their staffs, further increasing the pressure on an already strained job market.

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