’s Reserves Soar Past $6 Billion with $820 Million Surplus, Highlighting Robust Digital Asset Security

  • has published a new Proof of Reserves report, showcasing a significant increase in its reserves.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange’s reserves reached 115.49%, with a total value surpassing $6 billion.
  • “Our latest Proof of Reserves reflects our commitment to security and transparency in digital asset trading,” says

This article dives into’s impressive reserve growth, detailing the advancements and security measures that reinforce the platform’s integrity in the cryptocurrency market.’s March 2024 Proof of Reserves Report Unveiled

Gateio Proof of Reserve Panel, a leader in digital asset trading, has announced its latest Proof of Reserves (PoR) report. According to the report, the exchange’s reserves have seen a significant increase, now totaling $6,124,168,811 with a surplus of $821,492,191. This marks a substantial growth of over 40% since January, indicating a strong financial position and a commitment to user security. The reserve-to-user funds ratio stands at an impressive 115.49%.

Technological Innovations and Security Enhancements

Gateio’s recent achievements can be attributed to its focus on technical strength, market influence, and security. The exchange has integrated Zero-Knowledge Proof technology (Zk-SNARKs) to elevate its Proof of Reserves solution, enhancing both the platform’s security and transparency. Additionally, has partnered with global security audit leader Hacken to further improve platform security through comprehensive audits. Hacken’s latest report praises’s PoR solution for its cryptographic reliability, offering users a more secure trading environment.

Continued Commitment to Security and Transparency


The exchange covers 189 digital assets, each with a reserve rate exceeding 100%, demonstrating’s dedication to maintaining high security standards for its users. By providing a platform where users can independently verify their accounts and deposits, reinforces its position as a trustworthy venue for digital asset trading. The exchange’s ongoing efforts to improve security and transparency are pivotal to its strategy, ensuring a safe trading environment for its global user base.

Partnerships for Enhanced Security’s collaboration with Hacken not only focuses on enhancing the security of the platform and its smart contracts but also highlights the exchange’s proactive approach to adopting advanced security measures. Such partnerships reflect’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and external expertise to fortify its trading ecosystem against evolving threats.

Conclusion’s latest Proof of Reserves report signifies its robust financial health and unwavering commitment to security and transparency in the cryptocurrency market. Through technological innovations and strategic partnerships, is set to maintain its leadership in the digital asset trading space, offering a secure and transparent platform for its users worldwide.

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