JPMorgan to Launch Revolutionary Biometric Payment System Enabling Face or Palm Transactions for Retail Shoppers

  • JPMorgan Chase is set to introduce a revolutionary biometric payments system to consumers.
  • The system will enable shoppers to make payments using facial or palm recognition.
  • “Biometrics-based payments deliver a superior customer experience,” says Jean-Marc Thienpont from JPMorgan Payments.

JPMorgan Chase is preparing to transform payment methods with its biometric system, aiming for heightened security and efficiency.

JPMorgan to Launch Biometric Payment System in 2024

In an ambitious move, JPMorgan Chase is gearing up for the broad deployment of a sophisticated biometric payment system, expected to be rolled out next year. This system leverages facial and palm recognition technology to facilitate seamless transactions for retail shoppers.

Pilot Projects Lay the Foundation

The system’s development stems from successful pilot programs in collaboration with PopID, a California-based biometrics company. These trials were conducted in various brick-and-mortar settings and even within JPMorgan’s own office cafeteria to refine the technology and user experience.

Enhancing Checkout Experience and Security

JPMorgan is currently a major provider of point-of-sale solutions. According to Jean-Marc Thienpont, head of omnichannel and biometric solutions at JPMorgan Payments, this new system promises to not only expedite the checkout process but also enhance transaction security. He stated, “Biometrics-based payments empower our merchant clients to offer a superior customer payment experience, backed by JPMorgan’s trusted and secure financial infrastructure.”

Increasing Consumer Adoption of Biometrics

Data from a recent PYMNTS survey highlights a growing trend in biometric payment adoption, with 28% of consumers having used facial recognition for an online purchase within the past month. Furthermore, Goode Intelligence forecasts that by 2026, approximately 3 billion people globally will be using biometric methods for payment, with transaction volumes projected to reach $5.765 trillion annually.

The Future of Biometrics in Retail

As consumer technology evolves, shoppers’ expectations also shift. JPMorgan’s upcoming biometric payment system represents a significant step towards meeting these new demands. Retailers must prepare to integrate such advanced solutions to remain competitive and meet consumer expectations.


JPMorgan Chase’s biometric payment initiative is poised to reshape the retail payment landscape, offering a blend of efficiency and enhanced security. As the rollout proceeds, it will be crucial for merchants to adopt and adapt to this groundbreaking technology to stay ahead in the market.

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