Kraken Becomes Official Crypto and Web3 Partner of Atletico Madrid in Groundbreaking Sponsorship Deal

  • Kraken, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has recently entered the realm of sports through a partnership with Atletico Madrid.
  • This collaboration signals Kraken’s initial foray into sports sponsorship, an area gaining traction among crypto firms.
  • An official announcement revealed that Kraken will not only be Atletico Madrid’s official crypto and Web3.0 partner but also their Official Sleeve Partner for both men’s and women’s football teams.

Discover the synergy between cryptocurrency and sports through Kraken’s groundbreaking partnership with Atletico Madrid, aiming to revolutionize fan engagement and innovation in the crypto space.

What Benefits Does the Partnership Offer?

The alliance between Kraken and Atletico Madrid is designed to bring mutual benefits to both parties and their fan bases. By showcasing the Kraken logo on the team’s jerseys, the exchange plans to reach a broader audience, simultaneously promoting cryptocurrency and fostering advancements in sports technology. This initiative further aims to strengthen the connection between fans and the evolving world of digital currency.

How Does Kraken Prepare for the Future?

Kraken’s venture into sports sponsorship is strategically aligned with its goals for future growth. The company is currently preparing for a substantial funding round, a pivotal move that will set the stage for an anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO). This initiative with Atletico Madrid is expected to play a crucial role in Kraken’s strategy, aiding in the firm’s efforts to scale operations and cement its status within the competitive crypto market.

Key Takeaways from the Partnership

Several essential insights can be drawn from Kraken’s partnership with Atletico Madrid:

  • Kraken will be the official crypto and Web3.0 partner for Atletico Madrid, and the official sleeve partner for both the men’s and women’s teams.
  • The display of the Kraken logo on Atletico Madrid’s jerseys aims to attract a diverse and larger audience.
  • This partnership aligns seamlessly with Kraken’s broader growth strategy, including its plans for an IPO.
  • The collaboration is indicative of a larger trend where cryptocurrency firms are aligning with major sports organizations to widen their outreach and influence.


In summary, Kraken’s strategic partnership with Atletico Madrid marks a significant milestone in the intersection of cryptocurrency and sports. This collaboration not only enhances Kraken’s visibility but also sets the stage for innovative fan experiences and broader adoption of digital currency within the sports sector. As Kraken continues to prepare for its forthcoming IPO, this alliance will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their growth trajectory, emphasizing the synergies between the dynamic worlds of sports and cryptocurrency.

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