Major Altcoins Lose Over 20% Amid Bitcoin’s $58,200 Valuation

  • The past week has been particularly harsh for four major altcoins, with each suffering losses exceeding 20% and becoming the biggest losers in the top 100 cryptocurrencies.
  • At the time of this report, Bitcoin’s (BTC) valuation was $58,200, showcasing a 24-hour trading volume nearing $100 billion.
  • Industry analysts are keenly watching the market for insights into the dramatic drop these altcoins have experienced.

Discover the latest turmoil in the crypto market as top altcoins face severe setbacks, underscoring the volatile nature of digital assets. Stay informed with our comprehensive analysis.

The Downfall of Lido (LDO)

Lido (LDO) encountered a severe decline after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched legal actions against the developers of MetaMask within the Ethereum network. Classified as a security by the SEC, LDO’s value plunged to $1.69, amounting to a 33% depreciation over just eight days. Although a rebound to $1.79 is conceivable, the coin faces the unfavorable possibility of falling further between $1.5 and $0.88.

The Sudden Decline of JASMY Coin

JASMY Coin’s value has been halved within the last 28 days, currently trading at $0.023. This slump follows substantial selling after a period of notable gains. Continued downward momentum could push the price to $0.02 or even $0.016, posing substantial losses for recent investors. Recovery would necessitate establishing a support level at $0.0278, with a target to rise to $0.033.

Ethena (ENA) Facing Market Challenges

Initially listed on Binance at $0.3, Ethena (ENA) soared to $1.52 before plummeting by 72% over 84 days. In the past 17 days alone, ENA has decreased by 44%, marking a prolonged downturn. If it can set $0.5 as a support level, a rise to $0.67 or higher may be in the cards.

Not Coin’s Volatile Journey

Not Coin experienced an extraordinary increase of 3500% in just 17 days, fueled by its listing on Binance and the excitement around TON Coin. However, it has faced a prolonged 32-day loss, dropping 59%. The coin’s future direction now hinges critically on Bitcoin’s next price movements, with a potential decline to $0.0098 on the horizon.

Key Takeaways for Investors

There are several critical insights for investors:

  • Monitor regulatory actions, such as the SEC’s decisions, which can have substantial impacts on altcoin valuations.
  • Be wary of rapid price surges, as they often precede significant corrections.
  • Identify clear support and resistance levels to better predict potential recovery points.
  • Consider the broader market environment, especially Bitcoin’s price movements that often steer altcoin trajectories.


In conclusion, the recent significant losses experienced by these four altcoins underscore the highly volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. Investors should remain vigilant, closely follow market trends, and take these insights into account when making investment decisions. Staying informed and cautiously strategizing can aid in navigating this tumultuous landscape more effectively.

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