Nomura Crypto Unit Braces for Delays Amid Market Turmoil: An Inside Perspective

  • Nomura’s Laser Digital recalibrates its profit plans amidst market uncertainties.
  • CEO Jez Mohideen highlights evolving regulatory needs and shrinking activity as prominent challenges.
  • Despite setbacks, a glimmer of hope shines through with the prospect of increased institutional investments in the crypto sector.

Nomura Holdings Inc’s crypto unit, Laser Digital, prepares for a potential delay in turning a profit, owing to unforeseen market disruptions and regulatory changes, yet remains hopeful for the future.

Laser Digital Resets its Profit Goals Amidst Current Market Flux

Spot and derivatives digital-asset trading volumes have both plunged

In the wake of considerable market turmoil, low trading volumes, and evolving regulatory landscapes, Laser Digital, a venture of Nomura Holdings Inc., has found itself adjusting its original profitability timeline. Initially eyeing a profitable stance by 2024, the firm is now bracing for a slightly prolonged journey to financial fruition.

Navigating Through Crypto Market’s Rough Waters

The past year has seen the crypto market going through a phase of significant unrest, with trading volumes plummeting and business plans getting disrupted. Despite the unfavorable conditions, Laser Digital’s Chief Executive Officer, Jez Mohideen, remains optimistic. He considers these challenges not as setbacks but as opportunities for growth, insisting that their initial profit target was conceptualized for a “worse-case” scenario.

New Avenues: Laser Digital’s Expansion Strategy Amid Challenges

Laser Digital is not letting the current market conditions dampen its growth trajectory. The Zurich-based company recently acquired a license to operate in Dubai, signaling the unfolding of its expansion blueprint that encompasses trading, asset management, and venture capital ventures in the region. Furthermore, the firm is gearing up to bolster its global trading business by setting up a new office in Tokyo, a move aimed at strengthening its position in the crypto market.

Signs of Hope: Institutional Investments in the Crypto Sphere

Despite the tumultuous journey, there are silver linings on the horizon. Mohideen remains hopeful, emphasizing the growing interest from established financial entities like BlackRock Inc. in the crypto sector. This surge in institutional investments, characterized by the advent of new projects and the launch of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, could potentially usher in a new era of growth for digital assets, albeit at a gradual pace.


As Nomura’s Laser Digital recalibrates its pathway to profitability amidst market upheavals, the firm maintains an unwavering belief in the potential of the crypto market. The signs of growing institutional interest are perceived as a beacon of hope, indicating that the future of digital assets remains bright, albeit with the expectation of a longer journey to success.

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