Nvidia Stock Plummets While AI Crypto Tokens Surge

  • The recent sharp decline in Nvidia’s stock price raises concerns among investors.
  • Despite Nvidia’s downturn, several AI-based cryptocurrencies have demonstrated notable gains.
  • Industry experts are closely analyzing the disjunction between Nvidia’s stock performance and the AI crypto market.

A comprehensive look at Nvidia’s recent market cap plunge and the contrasting surge in AI cryptocurrency tokens.

AI Tokens Rally Amid Nvidia Stock Decline

In the last week, Nvidia’s stock has seen a substantial drop of over 13%, leading to a significant shake-up in the market. Despite this, AI-related cryptocurrencies have shown impressive resilience, recording substantial gains within the same timeframe.

Crypto traders have historically viewed Nvidia’s stock as a barometer for the AI sector, including AI crypto tokens. However, this week’s market activity has shown a divergence. Nvidia’s share price dropped by 11.16% over five trading days and closed at $118.11 recently, according to data from Google Finance.

Monday brought a dramatic 6.7% drop in Nvidia’s stock, the second-largest this year. Despite these negative numbers, Nvidia has enjoyed a stellar year where its valuation almost tripled, briefly surpassing tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft. Yet recent data reveals a market cap decrease from $3.3 trillion to $2.9 trillion, stripping Nvidia of its top position.

AI Cryptocurrencies Gain Momentum

In stark contrast to Nvidia’s struggles, AI-focused cryptocurrencies have performed exceptionally well. The AI sector’s market cap reached over $29 billion, reflecting an 8.7% increase within the last 24 hours. Prominent tokens like Near Protocol, Fetch.ai, Internet Computer, Render, and The Graph have seen gains ranging from 3% to 25%.

Among the top gainers, Nosana and Commune AI stood out, with their values increasing by 37% and 35%, respectively, despite their lower market capitalizations. These positive movements highlight the growing investor confidence in AI crypto tokens, even amid broader market disruption.

No Clear Catalysts for Nvidia’s Decline

Despite the significant drop in Nvidia’s shares, there were no immediate negative news or major catalysts driving this slump. Attention has turned to the sizable stock sales by Nvidia’s top executives, including President Jensen Huang.

From June 13 onwards, Huang sold nearly $79.38 million worth of Nvidia shares, as stated in a June 21 SEC filing. This has raised eyebrows given the timing and scale of these transactions. Analysts noted that Nvidia’s executives have sold a combined total of $796 million in shares this year, marking an unprecedented pace.

Nvidia insiders have cashed out over $796 million worth of stock this year, according to a report from Barchart. Investors are speculating over the implications of these sales on Nvidia’s future performance.

— Barchart (@Barchart) June 24, 2024

Some market analysts, like Oguz O, suggest that these stock sales were pre-planned and should not be cause for alarm, indicating that they were likely part of structured selling plans.


Despite Nvidia’s recent stock plummet, the broader AI industry, including AI cryptocurrencies, remains buoyant. The divergence between Nvidia’s share performance and the crypto AI market suggests that the latter’s growth is driven by distinct factors. Investors are advised to keep a closer eye on these markets, as the relationship between traditional tech stocks and innovative cryptocurrencies continues to evolve. Future developments will determine whether this trend is an anomaly or a new norm.

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