OKX Investigates Major Crypto Theft Compromising User Accounts

  • The crypto exchange OKX is grappling with a security breach that has led to significant losses for its users.
  • Following the incident, OKX has reached out to affected users to investigate the situation thoroughly.
  • OKX has pledged to take full responsibility if their investigation finds the platform at fault.

Discover the latest on the OKX security breach, its impact on users, and the exchange’s response to the incident.

Significant Security Breach at OKX Exchange

OKX, a prominent name in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, is currently addressing reports of extensive asset theft from user accounts. The incidents have raised alarms within the cryptocurrency community, particularly due to the hacking method which involved bypassing the platform’s SMS notification security. The total number of such breaches is on the rise, as hackers employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to gain access to user funds.

Accounts Compromised Through SMS Security Flaws

On Sunday, cyber security firm SlowMist revealed that two OKX users experienced similar account breaches, where attackers exploited SMS risk notifications. The hackers created new API keys with permissions for trading and withdrawals, enabling them to siphon off considerable amounts of cryptocurrency. Though initially thought to be cross-trading attempts, this possibility was later discounted. These incidents follow a trend, as a Binance user recently lost more than $1 million via a cross-trading plugin.

Further investigations by SlowMist’s cybersecurity team, MistTrack, are tracking the hacker wallets involved. While the specifics remain confidential out of respect for the victims, SlowMist continues to monitor the situation closely. Notably, the affected users did not have two-factor authentication (2FA) tools like Google Authenticator enabled, although it is unclear whether this was a critical factor in the breaches.

OKX’s Commitment to Resolution

In light of these events, OKX has issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to transparency and user security. Contact has been made with the affected users, and a thorough investigation is underway. The exchange has assured that should they be found liable, they will fully cover the losses incurred by their users.

OKX has urged the user community to remain calm and avoid speculative conclusions while the investigation is ongoing. The exchange has promised to disclose the findings as soon as they are available and has emphasized their dedication to enhancing security measures to prevent future breaches.


The recent security breach at OKX highlights the ongoing challenges in safeguarding digital assets within the crypto ecosystem. While the investigation continues, users are reminded of the importance of enabling robust security measures such as two-factor authentication. OKX’s proactive response and commitment to taking responsibility are reassuring moves, setting an expectation for swift and comprehensive resolution. Stay tuned as further details emerge, and remain vigilant about securing your cryptocurrency holdings.

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