Putin Confirms BRICS Payment System with XRP Under Consideration

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin affirms that the BRICS group is on track to launch a new payment system that may incorporate XRP as a currency.
  • This announcement could potentially lead to significant developments in the cryptocurrency market, particularly for XRP.
  • According to industry insiders, the adoption of XRP by the BRICS nations could dramatically increase the coin’s value.

Explore the newest developments in the cryptocurrency world as BRICS considers using XRP for its international payment system, potentially resulting in a significant market shift.

BRICS Explores New Payment System with XRP Consideration

In a groundbreaking development, the BRICS coalition is actively exploring the creation of an independent payment system that could feature XRP as a key currency. According to a detailed report, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed the initiative, stating that XRP is under consideration for facilitating cross-border transactions within the bloc.

Potential Impact on XRP Value

The introduction of XRP into the BRICS payment framework is generating considerable excitement in the financial community. Experts, including Robert Doyle of Cryptonairz, speculate that XRP’s value could skyrocket to $10,000 if this adoption materializes. Considering the economic challenges faced by BRICS nations, XRP’s efficient transaction speed and low cost could offer a viable alternative to traditional fiat currencies. This strategic move is anticipated to strengthen the financial stability and integration of member countries.

Growing Use Cases for XRP

XRP’s role in the global financial system has been expanding, evidenced by its numerous partnerships with leading financial institutions. The recent ruling by Judge Analisa Torres that XRP is not a security has further bolstered its legitimacy, paving the way for potential XRP ETF approvals. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, and President Monica Long have both expressed optimism about an XRP ETF, citing the growing regulatory clarity in the United States.

Ripple’s Growing Network of Alliances

Ripple’s network of collaborations has become a cornerstone for its increased adoption. The endorsement and integration by reputable financial entities highlight XRP’s growing acceptance and functional capabilities. With the SEC’s recent approval of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, the conversation around an XRP ETF is gaining momentum. This burgeoning acceptance and integration indicate a promising future for XRP as a mainstream financial tool.


The confirmation of BRICS considering XRP for its new payment system marks a significant milestone within the cryptocurrency space. If implemented, this move could substantially enhance XRP’s value and utilization. As BRICS nations continue to explore this alternative to the US dollar, the financial landscapes of these countries stand to be transformed. The existing partnerships and potential ETF approval contribute to a positive outlook on XRP’s future in the global economy.

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