Revolutionary Partnership: Mina Foundation Teams Up with Mirae Asset to Enhance Privacy in Tokenized Assets Using MINA Coin

  • The Mina Foundation has formed a strategic alliance with Mirae Asset Financial Group to create a cutting-edge, privacy-focused solution for tokenizing real-world assets using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs).
  • Mirae Asset is a prominent South Korean asset management firm managing assets worth $548 billion as of 2023, making this partnership highly notable in the financial landscape.
  • The collaboration is expected to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology, significantly enhancing the security and privacy of tokenized assets.

Explore how the partnership between Mina Foundation and Mirae Asset Financial Group is set to revolutionize the tokenization of real-world assets with zero-knowledge proofs, while also examining its market implications for MINA Coin.

How the Partnership Will Impact Security Token Offerings (STOs)

The collaborative effort aims to deliver a regulatory-compliant security token offering (STO) solution that prioritizes user privacy. With the STO market in South Korea forecasted to reach $287 billion by 2030, and Japan already adopting security tokens, this initiative is both timely and strategic. Mirae Asset plans to leverage its private ledger, Hyperledger BESU, for managing asset and transaction data, which will then be securely processed on the Mina blockchain. This innovative approach allows asset owners to verify ownership without compromising their privacy.

The Technological Framework Behind the Collaboration

The collaboration will integrate Hyperledger BESU’s sophisticated private ledger capabilities with Mina’s public blockchain, using zero-knowledge proofs to ensure transaction security and privacy. This combined framework will not only meet regulatory requirements but also set a new standard for security in tokenized assets.

Market Implications for MINA Coin

MINA Coin has recently encountered significant price drops, worsened by the falling Bitcoin prices and a reduction in staking rewards. The coin has seen a 77.4% decline against Bitcoin since January 2024. In the USD market, MINA lost key support at $0.5686, with potential lows between $0.50 and $0.41 if bearish trends persist. Despite these setbacks, the partnership, along with ongoing code audits, could signal a potential price recovery, though market conditions remain unpredictable.

Potential for Market Recovery and Growth

While the current market trends present challenges, this collaboration offers a glimmer of hope for MINA Coin. The enhanced security features and privacy protections provided by the new solutions could attract more investors, thereby stabilizing and potentially boosting the coin’s market performance in the long term.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Mina Foundation and Mirae Asset Financial Group marks a significant milestone in the integration of traditional finance with blockchain technology, especially through privacy-enhanced security token offerings. Although MINA Coin has faced market volatility, this partnership promises to usher in a new era of secure and private tokenized assets, potentially driving future growth and market stability.

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